Dr. Jose Rizal`s Education and Love for Learning

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

According to Martin Luther King Jr., intelligence plus character is the goal of true education. Education is more than just reading the books. It is more than just high scores and excellent academic achievements. True education is learning and putting what you have learned into good use.

Rizal’s first teacher was his mother. She was the one who saw potential in him and did everything to develop that potential. Although Rizal was naturally gifted with intelligence, he still had some tutors to teach him and expand his knowledge. Knowing this made me realize that even the brightest mind needs perseverance in order to be successful. Rizal is a great example for the youth. His love for learning is beyond what we imagined. Rizal shows us that knowing is not enough. Learning is a never ending process. We should strive hard in order for us to know more. Along with his love for learning is the love he received from his family. His mother never ceased to support him. His uncles, too, did everything to teach him. When the time came for Rizal to go to school, he was ready. I was shocked to know that like any other young boys, Rizal also experienced fighting with his peers. I’ve always thought that he is shy and all that, but he sure knows how to defend himself.

Rizal is not just good in academics, but also in extra-curricular activities. He joined many organizations and societies. We all know that Rizal was really a shy boy. But despite that, he still managed to join organizations. Through this, he is a good reminder for those students who are afraid to mingle with others. If Rizal can do it, then so can we. Rizal also wrote many poems. I realized how deep his love for his mother is. He was saddened by the injustice done to his mother. But when his mother was released, he wrote a poem to express his happiness. Like Rizal, we should also value our parents. Many teenagers nowadays don’t know how to appreciate what their parents have done for them. We should all be like Rizal. We should never forget that it was our parents that took care of us when we were young and even until now. Now that we’ve grown, it is our responsibility to give back the favor and take care of them. Even though we have trouble saying that we love them, at least we can show it to them in our simple ways.

I realized two things. First, education is the only thing that will never be taken away from us. True education is both enhancing our mind and attitude. The second thing I learned is to love our parents. No matter what happens, it will always be our parents that will have our back. I hope that others will also have the same realizations I have.

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