Does Ghost Exist

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

Does ghost exist is most popular question that is been asked from everyone. There will be some people who will say ghost exist and other will argue there is no existence of ghost. In this argumentative essay, it will be clear who are ghost, why they are on the earth , what science say about them and what are the proves of their existence.

It was believed that ghosts are the spirits of dead people which appear in invisible form to the people. Spirits of deceased try to communicate with the family member. This procedure is called Spiritism. People in different religion practice different religious practices designed to rest spirt of the dead. For example: in Hindu and Sikh religion body of the deceased is burn whereas in Christian and Muslim religion body of the deceased is buried in the ground. Popular religion practices to make spirit rest can be exorcism, funeral rites and so on. During 19th century, educated people laughed at the possibility that spirits of the dead could return and appear to the living, and put down all stories either as a deliberated lies or superstitious slip-ups. Nowadays outlook of many scientists and educated individual has changed. Of course, its due ghost-stories with which they are surrounding. On watchful examination, it has been demonstrated that numerous abnormal encounters truly happen, which can’t be clarified as deceptions or negligible hallucinations.

There are several possibilities that person can become a ghost. First reason can be they have some unfinished business on earth. They need revenge, want that their story to be told or essentially an affirmation that they are dead. To get rid of the ghost one should communicate with them and make sense of its objective. In some cases, it happens that spirit do not know who murdered them. In such cases, spirit will communicate with someone and will ask them to find out their murderer. For example: A person named Baba Harbhajan Singh was Indian Army officer. His primary aim was to serve India after the death and he is doing so far. Baba slipped and drowned the glacier near the Nathu-La Pass in Eastern Sikkim while trying to send supplies to a remote post. It is said he himself helped the Indian armed force to find his body after three days of his demise. Baba aware soldier of any impending attack at least 3 days ahead of time. He is as still guarding the global boundaries of the two nations. In this case, even after the death Harbhajan was not able to rest in peace because his motive of life has not complete and that is to serve and protect India from enemies.

Second reason can be guilty. They may feel like they have surrendered their family with nobody to deal with them. Many individuals trust this is the main reason likewise be a purpose behind a soul being stuck why suicide casualties and different spirits whose passing was caused by their activities remain behind. For example: In Mexico, there was one girl named Maria begins to look all starry eyed at a Spaniard, and they have three youngsters however hold their relationship under wraps. Sometimes later, the Spaniard weds a well-off lady. The indigenous lady gets so furious she throws her three children in the river, after realizing what she has done she killed herself as well by throwing herself in the river. From that point onward, her soul has been wandering close-by shouting out agonizingly. She was not able to rest in peace because she was guilty for what she has done. Even today, after 9pm people are able to hear the crying voice of Maria. She is still searching for dead body of her kids

Third reason can unfulfilled desire of the spirit. Sometimes unfulfilled desire can be the cause why spirit not able to leave this world. This desire can be sitting on the favorite chair, having sex once in a lifetime and so on. For example: this case happen in England when person named Thompson Busby was punished for murdering for death of his father in law whom he supposedly sit on his favorite chair. When cops was taking him to jail he demanded to eat food from his favorite restaurant on his chair. In the restaurant, he put curse on his chair that after his death whoever will sit on his chair will die and same thing happen after that. Many people loose their lives after they sit on the chair. In one such incidence one women sat on his chair while she was moping floor of the restaurant and later on she was killed by a brain tumor. In another case, a delivery man sat on the chair of Thompson. An hour later his truck got crashed and he died. After such incidences, restaurant owner decided to donate the chair to the museum so that no one will loose their lives and after that he done so far. People who sat on his chair experience paranormal activities like hearing of haunted sounds, written warning written on the mirror and so on

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