Diversity of human nature basing on characteristics and circumstances Compare and Contrast Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

The human race has a diversity of characteristics some picked from there way of life and some gotten through life circumstances (events in one’s life). This can only be brought forth by comparing different persons. This paper compares two ancient characters at a time highlighting their differences and similarities.

Similarities between Medea and Dido

Medea and Dido are human. This is portrayed by their characteristics, one of them being in love. The love relationships of the two characters are full of incidents. Dido is too emotional falls in love for Aeneas. This comes out clearly when Aeneas abandons her to complete a mission. In this occasion, she commits suicide. She loses taste in life without Aeneas close to her. Medea’s husband abandons her for another woman.

Both Medea and Dido are ancient characters; they appear in the 13th century that is around 813 BC. All their stories are told as plays – then popular genres. Both Medea and Dido come from royal families. Dido is the queen of Carthage and Dido’s father was a king of the Phoenicians. Medea is a princess of the Black Sea and a daughter to king Aeetes of Colchis.

The other similarity comes in their marriages. Dido is married to Sychaeus. From the plays, it is not clear whether Dido had kids. Medea is also married to Jason.

She has two kids from this marriage. Medea is later abandoned by Jason for another woman. After the incidences following their low love moments, the two characters act in revenge. Anger leads Dido to commit suicide. On the other hand, Medea plans for a revenge on the person who has inflicted her. This is a revenge of betrayal by her husband. These two occasions portray the spirit of revenge.

Multiple love relationships is another similarity found with both the characters. Dido gets into a relationship with Aeneas after her husband is killed. After Medea’s husband abandons Medea for another woman, Medea is married to another man (Aegus) in the land she fled to.

Differences between Medea and Dido

The deaths surrounding the two characters are different. Dido’s husband (Sychaeus) is killed by Dido’s brother while Medea kills her own brother (Aegeus) and later kills her own kids. After the incidents, both characters relocate. Dido relocates from his brother after the death of her husband unlike Medea who relocates to hide after the murders she has committed. Medea returns to her home later. On the contrary, Dido does not return to her home, she dies in her new land.

Unlike Dido, Medea is described as a witch. Medea goes to the extent of giving Jason a portion of wild herbs that would protect him from fire.

Similarities between Jason and Aeneas

Both Jason and Aeneas are portrayed as irresponsible men; they make their loved ones suffer. For instance, Jason abandons her wife for another woman. He leaves his wife with two kids. On the other hand, Aeneas doesn’t care about the feelings of her lover- he focuses on how to finish his mission. The love that Dido has leads her to commit suicide. Aeneas doesn’t notice how deeply Dido loves her.

Differences between Aeneas and Jason

Jason is determined. This is portrayed when he leaves his family in order to accomplish his missions. Aeneas on the other hand leaves for reasons that could be avoided. His main concern is his family. It’s so sad on how Jason could leave his own wife- the mother to his own children for another woman.

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