Discussion Questions And Response: The Book Thief Part 4

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

1. On the top on page 174, I was interested in the scene where it says, “ Full of blood and violence but also full of stories that are equally difficult to fathom”. This is in regards to Hans talking about the wars. Death then starts to talk about how they almost met twice because of them. Why does Hans come close to death twice? Which of the two is the most impactful on his life?


Hans Hubermann’s past military life left him with a close to death experience not once but twice and the second being the most impactful. Death then begins to explain how they first met by saying, “The first time we were in the vicinity of each other, Hans was twenty- two years old, fighting in France… I had taken a few of them along the way, but you could say I never came close to touching Hans Hubermann”(174). Death explains that Hans was in a battle and how he was taking souls all around him. Death further explains how Hans was just a good soldier and couldn’t be eliminated. Although Hans Hubermann was good on the battlefield thatdidn’t mean he was protected from death. At any time his soul could have been taken away by Death.

The second close call to death was when he was at base and his group was called to battle. The sergeant needed someone to stay behind and write letters for the captain. Death explains why Hans didn’t go into battle that day, “No one stepped forward, but a voice stooped out and ambled toward the sergeant. . . It said, “ Hubermann sir. ” The voice belonged to Erik Vandenburg”(177). Death knew Erik didn’t want his friend to die. Hans was grateful for this especially when finding out none of them came home. This impacted his life most because if it weren’t for his friend he would be dead and wouldn’t experience what was later to come to his life.

2. “The Thought Process Of Hans Hubermann” on page 180: Why didn’t Hans believe in joining the NSDAP and following Hitler?Answer Notes: He didn’t believe in antagonizing Jews

3. On page 195 and 196, I was interested in the scene where Mein Kampf arrived during May 1940 with a key inside, giving Max Vandenburg the okay to go to Munich but he still was hesitant. What pushed him to leave and make his way to Munich and Molching?Answer Notes: Walter being notified that he was being sent to Poland.


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