Discussion On Whether Corporal Punishment Should Be Provided For Bullies

December 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

In our modern day as the different advancement of technology provide us with a better life and a better interaction within each other. Apparently, as people are more close together where they can reach each other in a nick of time. It leads to some feelings of hate, jealousy, anger and other more, where they do use or release it to do hurt other people upon doing this, which is can be defined as a form of bullying. Based on study 1 out of 2 people under 25 years of age do experience bullying in their life. So bullying is a widespread phenomenon that is not much controllable by the authorities and it causes phobia, mental issues, lower grades and other more. On the part of the bully person, I try to think about how they become that kind of person where it is so easy for them to hurt other persons physically nor mentally. So for the people who do give quick punishment for the bullies, I think they’re the kind of person that is ‘one-sided person’. Even though they do hurt a person, they still need a fair judgement like knowing the reason why he does that and what’s going through his mind or life. So I’m fully believed that having a punishment for the bullies will only destroy the physical and mental thinking of the child that will suddenly affect his academic performance for him/her to create a path for a better future.

As a democratic country we do have the freedom of expression, but even though we really feel the freedom that we have in our life we still need the rules and regulations that consider as laws in our society for us to a systematic system in our country in order to maintain the peace and the freedom that we felt nowadays. Strict disciplines that applying does ‘might enhance or result’ to well academic performance. It only means that we should put rules and regulation or even punishment about the cases of bullying it is for us to control and maintain the peace and the joyfulness that the schools should be provided for their students. Also providing punishment clearly create a feeling of peace and systematic surrounding for every student in a school. Based on a study having a corporal or physical punishment towards the student made them to have the right path in life, not to repeat their mistakes and become a well-disciplined student.

From the New Orleans schools, they perform better performance every year. Through having these rules and regulations is the reason for this. But authorities need to ensure the rules and regulations so it doesn’t become a distraction. Some teachers do apply corporal punishment because of coming late to school, bad attitude to teachers, doing bad things, fighting with friends, not becoming attentive about the discussion or not answering the questions of the teachers. Through experiencing physical punishment from the authorities they being somehow expelled, scolded, even hit by the stick by their teachers and other more, it resulted to emotional and behavioural breakdowns where it pushes a student or a child to show more a bad attitude towards the other by intentionally for them to let go the anger that they do feel in their teachers

Discipline is very important through the life of a student and as a child, through the concept of discipline that being done in home and school, the child becomes more honest, kind and responsible in life. But discipline is a choice and what kind of discipline they do apply for their child. When a child that being discipline, parent discuss or explain on what do they expect from their child and from the point it is now on their child’s hand either they follow their expectation or to be liberated one. When a child follows all the guidance and to have the discipline in life it really does result in a brighter future of the child where he becomes a role model of the society.

However, doing parental harsh disciplining creates a greater percentage for the increase of risk behavioural problems. It only means that having too much expectation and harsh discipline to your child will surely make your child a liberated one. But we all know that discipline is different from punishment because discipline provides a life lesson to a child while punishment produces a feeling of guilt and anger. Also as a student, it is great to have varieties of expectations from my parents and other relatives. Yet having those expectations really kills me a lot inside where I’ve become too scared onto something even though I can do it or scared of what they think about me after finishing a specific activity, through these I become a lazy one, anxious about my purpose in life or who really am I and seek for happiness by making fun of someone or myself to be fit in what kind of society that we do have now, especially with my friends and it really does my academic performance in school.

Based from Michigan Association of School Administrator, a child that being a bully one doesn’t differ to the person being bullied because a bully one feel anxiety about whether they are going to school or not that results in a lack of interest in their academic performance, also thru these the do feel low self-confidence, depressions, suicidal and other more.

So instead of having corporal punishment by the parents or the teachers, it is more comfortable for them to have some seminar about moral views. In a part of the schools and institutions, they must have a clear message as well as rules and regulations of a zero tolerance of bullying. But in the part of the parents, they must have a huge and active role in paying attention to what their child experiencing most of the time in their home or even school.

In conclusion, being a bully is not being inherited or a disease that can be easily transmitted. It is being acquired by what you experience in life, the surroundings that you have and the way of your thinking. Having a punishment for bullies make them showing more their bad attitude and gain more power by stepping above the weak. Lastly, there is no one to blame or to be punished of being a bully or being bullied by the others, because at the end of the day they do feel the same feeling it only differs from the sympathy that the person being bullied have. Rather than a punishment, we must focus on good moral guidance and development of their self.

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