Desiree’s Baby-Racism Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

The story rotates around the late 1800s, which was an emotional time for individuals shortly after the abolishment of slavery. Feelings toward African Americans had not totally disappeared; these African Americans were held at a low class in the public eye during this timeframe. In Desiree’s Baby, Desiree’s better half, Armand, was a well-off privileged person who possessed a huge estate in Louisiana. Armand depicts a significant number of similar feelings and thoughts of a typical plantation owner during the time.

He accepts he needs to ensure his family’s economic well-being even at the expense of his significant other and kid. The abuse of power embodied in slavery not only damaged the slaves but corrupted the slave owner, as seen in Desiree’s Baby.

The fundamental conflict bases on the issue Armand has about Desiree’s supposed blended racial background. His scorn for the black race runs so solid that without contemplating the likelihood that the kids to some degree darker appearance could have been a result of him, he viably forsakes Desiree.

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The antebellum Louisiana setting shows how the racial levels of leadership of the time had a psychological impact not simply on the black slaves because of enslavement, abuse by their owners, and compelled work – absolutely stripping them of their humankind – yet furthermore how slavery impacts the psychology of the white slave owners.

Racism has totally clouded the reasoning of the judged and in the while, it prompts their death. Desiree couldn’t acknowledge that Armand doesn’t cherish her and their kid any longer, since they have African blood.

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She keeps in touch with her mom to get some information about this allegation that she is black, and she comments that she will die from misery if it is all valid. Her mom doesn’t know Desiree’s real parents, so she sends back a mysterious message. Desiree attempts to move Armand’s heart one final time, however without any result, since he enables them to leave, which in a sense means that he abandons them from now on. Desiree doesn’t think straight anymore, since she cherishes Armand more than herself and their son. Desiree ignores that she and her child are human and they have the right to proceed onward, and she chooses to murder herself and her infant.

Racism, in my view, is right off the bat a misinterpretation or the acknowledgment of false information. Most individuals become racist from a family situation where racism is sustained. By sustained, I imply that specific individuals are consistently torn down, and false information is given about this group of people on a regular basis. As a child, we frequently acknowledge whatever comes our way regarding information. Even if our dads told us the moon came from God’s toe, we would trust him, as we consider adults to be capable individuals. Therefore, we absorb racism like it was anything else. I recall my younger sibling, who is a Hispanic, was told by a little boy down the road that he would not like to play with her due to her skin color. Did this kid think of this idea all alone? Exceptionally impossible. The plausible explanation is that this kid heard his parents tear down Hispanics, and this statement fabricated a complex of racism inside him.

In the story “Desiree’s Baby”, there are a lot of issues that can be talked about more profound, for example, gender issues, slavery, love, and so on. However, the fundamental issue that is unmistakably imagined in this short story is the manner by which somebody’s pride can turn out to be overpowering to the point that they are blinded by it from joy. Armand’s concern was that he put pride over affection. He felt like there’s nothing more significant than keeping his name clean. This issue could be easily solved by understanding that pride isn’t what makes us what our identity is. It is our main thing as a human that makes our name the proudest.


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