Depicting the Conclusion of Daedalus and Icarus in a Painting

May 6, 2021 by Essay Writer

The interaction between the two is a small one but an important one. He is a random man that happened to be around a pretty woman working on her garden. He stops to chat with her for a bit and maybe see if she has work for him to do to earn money. The interaction helps develop the story’s theme of taking risk because he is a completely random strange man who she does not know. She opens up to him not knowing what could happen. She took a risk. The painting’s theme is how people don’t care about others tragedy when they are not affected by it. This is also the ending of the story is much longer and includes the details. If the painting also showed Daedalus’s response, then the message would be different. The theme of the story is how back in the day, the gods did not like it when humans tried to act like them by overpowering their usual limits. In ancient Greek culture, acting like a god was often severely punished. That is why icarus died, him and his father were overpowering human limits.

The painting’s theme would go more towards the story’s theme than the original painting theme. Daedalus would earn his lesson and it would show his guilt for overpowering human about a woman who goes insane after staying in her house for too long. This creates mystery in many different ways. It leads to her going insane after a while. The story includes many forms of mystery. For example, the narrator states in the beginning This line creates mystery because you wonder what she feels. It make us wonder what she is talking about.

The story includes mystery throughout the entire story. In the text the narrator e wall-paper. This line is in the middle and creates even more tension and mystery because she keeps talking about how the wallpaper is bothering her. This really makes you wonder why she is insane and hates the wallpaper. The story also includes mystery and tension towards the ending. In the text it states This creates mystery by making you wonder what she means and why she even thought about this. In conclusion, the story creates mystery and tension throughout from the beginning to end. The narrator talks about the wallpaper and how she’s there is someone inside of the wallpaper. She tears it down and goes insane. This is a very mysterious thing to add in a story.

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