Curleys Wife’s Diary

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

In the novel by John Steinbeck their was one character that really expressed his feeling to me and that character was Curley’s wife.

Why am I such an emotional bucket? I’m not grumpy, im just lonely, noone gives me any attention, but all they want to do is just hurt me, by secluding me out because I am different, because I am a woman, my whole life has been denied to me, since I met that man in the club I thought my life was made, then my mother goes and denies my happiness and freedom to do whatever I want, even something good like going into the pictures, I did make a mistake because of my mothers fault, I married curley, that horrible horrible man was meant to be my escape from mother,…my Revenge…,but it didn’t happen, I just dug myself a deeper hole, I met curley in that club where I met the man, I met him the same night and i only really did it to get back at mother, that’s what she gets for ruining me life, Now,because of her I will never get my dream, and it could have been a reality, if that bag had’nt stopped my letters,…Everyone is so mean to me, they don’t pay any attention and attempt to completely blank me from their life.

Like when I was in the niggers tiny little hut,But I showed that stupid nigger why he shouldn’t treat me like dirt, because I am more important then him, even a secluded girl like me has more respect then a god damn nigger.

I threatened to hang that man, he shouldn’t even be working here, he has a stupid back problem and looks like dung, he Should be shot.Also that stupid smelly sheep man Candy was there, what is he still doing in this ranch? He should have been kicked out ages ago, his a dumb smelly old man with no purpose , I Remember when I first showed George and lenny around the ranch.I was trying to make new friends is all and everyone was angry at me, including george, who tried to make that dumb bear ignore me as well.

Then later when I asked where curley was, they all gave me bad looks, because I am a woman and I am different an they can not cope with that.I remember when I was sitting with lennie, the bear. I Saw that puppy he had killed and he was so panicy, trying to hide it from me, when I found it though he told me all his problems and he wasn’t so bad, we talked but all he seemed to care about as rabbits, he didn’t seem to pay attention to my troubles. But I guess he is dumb,

All the men think I am trying to flirt. Sometimes I am talking to someone and they give me bad looks and tell me to go back to curley, as if he is my owner or something, and if they do not say that, instead curley beats me up,

Lennie was telling me once that he likes to stroke things,… and he also said that that’s how the puppy died and how all his pets die, and how he once had an aunt called clara who gave his special clothes for him to stroke.

I think he is dumb or crippled in the head,. He told me that once he got in trouble with a girl in weed because he touched her dress and he was chased,

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