Crucible: Grudges vs the Salem Witch Trials

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

Have you and your friends ever done something you were no permitted to do and then wanted to keep it a secret? So you all did whatever yo had to do to keep from letting that secret from getting exposed, even if you ended up lying and it spiral out of control? A great example of this is in The Crucible,several people know the entire truth but chose to keep it a secret. The people of Salem, the puritans display grudges and rivalries that collide with their religious beliefs into this mass hysteria known as what i the Salem Witch Trials.

Sparks first start to fly when he towns minister, Rev. Parris begins with a grudge with the girls. He walks through the woods late at night and sees the girls dancing around a cauldron that is simmering on an open fire with his slave tituba. At first he does not know what to think. However the next day that follows with his daughter Betty not being able wake from her sleep.

This has him questioning all the girls on what they did the night before , especially his niece, Abigail Williams.

Word spreads about the questioning which gets the town worried. This is where the first cry of witch craft is heard. Now with grudges there are sometimes rivalries, a good rivalry in The Crucible is between Abigail Williams and the other girls. All of them are in the vestry , the room attached to the church for meetings. Mary Warren, John Proctors servant girl , is trying to tell the judges that she has been lying all along and that Abigail is the one the to blame. She claims that she is with God now and can no longer lie.

However , Abigail Williams has other plans , with the fear she puts in the girls she knows she can get them to agree with her and have the judges thinking that Mary is lying. So with that in mind Abigail pretends that she sees a bird in the rafters that is coming to get her and scratch her face off . She calls it Mary Warrens spirit. The judges think that its true so Mary , like every one else in Salem is questioned and Abigail gets what she wants. Usually when we want something and we know its going to be hard to get we negotiate, that is exactly what happens in the last grudge Between Rev.

Parris and his slave, Tituba. Being treated the way she is already is makes Tiuba already have enmity for Rev. Parris. Once Rev Parris find out that Tituba was the one conjuring spirits in the forest that night when he found the girls he begins to punish her. This is where Tituba negotiates , now as silly as this sounds she negotiates with her self. She knows that she could confess and serve jail time or not confess and hang. So she decides to tell Rev. Parris, she falsely confess to trafficking with the devil , saying that he urged her to kill Rev.

Parris. Thinking this may be true the people of Salem start thinking that the devil may be lose in Salem working his evil through others as well. Now will all the grudges we see what happens when several people who know the whole story choose to keep it a secret make something so small turn in to something so big due to peoples personal grudges and rivalries. From Rev. Parris first questioning the girls to the girls all using their powers in court to manipulate people . To finally the choice of life or death for Rev. Parris’s slave Tituba.

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