Consequences of the New Age of the Image on Writing and Reading Cause and Effect Essay

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Updated: Feb 28th, 2019

Images could be termed as representation or artifact that represents actual objects in reality or thoughts as represented by the mental images in the individual’s mind. Images generally in the modern world are represented in two dimensions and recently three dimensional images, which has become very famous.

Writing and reading has been in existence since the early civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Writing is capturing the events or thoughts on script for conveying information while reading involves the formal contemplation of the materials in written form. Writing and reading go hand in hand and complement one another.

An image can be used to represent or summarize a long story. In the contemporary world almost all written materials like books and journals have an image on their cover page to represent what one expects in the text. Images could also be used to advertise and catch the attention of the potential buyers of a certain written literature. One picture can be used by different authors to write volumes of books on the topic represented.

The Omayra Sanchez images could provoke diverse thoughts in the mind of individuals who look at it. As one woman comments, it reminds her of her ailing daughter and the struggles in the world. Another person is reminded of his early childhood and the sentimental image of his father lingers in his mind. This shows how one image can be used by different individuals to refer to different experiences and expectations. The image also acts as a historical evidence of the occurrences of the time, 1985.

In the ancient times even before writing was developed, ancient people used to represent their activities, emotions and major phenomena through paintings and drawings. Most of these have been found in caves where the ancient humans are said to have stayed. Through these images, historians, psychologists, archeologists among other scholars have been able to study the way the ancient people lived, their economic activities, their family relations, their main dish, and level of civilization and ended up producing volumes of books based on these images.

In the modern world images are used all over the place. For a story to sell or hit, there must be an accompanying images on the topic. People tend to understand a topic more when there are images. Social networks provide the option of inserting an image; this enables users to understand each other better. Events happening in the world are captured on camera then posted and shared on the web for all to understand the scenarios.

Events happening in the Revolutions in the Arab world are being constantly posted on web consequently shaping the newspapers and articles around the world. Events on the just concluded Egyptian Revolutions were being constantly posted on the net others on You Tube. These allowed the rest of the world to understand the magnitude of the revolution. Human right abuses were condemned internationally.

The development of the three dimensional image technologies popularly known as 3D, has radically revolutionized the writing and reading sector. Readers and writers get extra information that was rather hidden to the naked eye. The 3D technology employs the use of special goggles so as to enable the user to view the hidden elements (Gonzalez & Eugene 354). Writing has been made easier and broader as one is able to view the images in all dimensions thus providing clarity and more comprehension.

Writing, reading and comprehending scripts has always been an integral part of the movie industry. The development of 3D has enabled more creativity and innovations. James Cameron the director of the two highest grossing movie of all time in the world notes that his work had been hampered by lack of clearly developed 3D technology. Once the 3D technology was fully developed and popularized he was able to produce his movie which he had begun writing ten years before the production date.

His directed movie, Avatar, broke many Box Office records in the process of becoming the highest grossing movie of all time. This shows how the development of the new image technology has provided a boost even to movie writers. 3D has now taken over in the world of visual production. Security personnel are able to observe hidden prohibited substances through the use of image technology.

The new age of image has enabled computers to function properly. The screen is displayed in image form. Many works are now available for viewing, reading and use on the net. When writing is done via the computer it is easier to insert diagrams, charts, curves, pictures which all supplement writing and reading.

This essay represents the evolution of images from one dimensional ancient cave sketches to the sophisticated 3D images of the modern world and its relevance to writing and reading. The process of writing is done by analyzing events from the ancient times to the contemporary modern world. Images supplement writing and reading. Written work without images when read lacks depth, flavor, and aesthetic authenticity.

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