Concept of Liberalism Ideology in Modern Society Essay

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In the modern society, people consume products according to the media adverts implying that individuals exist in a state of falsehood because what they expect in life is not what they get. The media is changing the way people behave, as well as their ways of life.

For instance, the advertisements made on television, print media, and the social media do not represent the views of the consumer, but instead they aspire to convene the interests of the capitalists, including the most powerful organizations. Recently, the youths are obsessed with the idea of role model and they desire to behave, dress, and look like their preferred role models.

Multinational Corporations are aware of the media influence on the lives of the majority and they are making effective use of the same to exploit innocent consumers (Ademola 534). Young girls are struggling all over the world to attain slender bodies since the media forces them to believe that such bodies represent beauty. Similarly, men are made to believe that handsomeness is associated with certain qualities, something that strains their lives without a valid reason.

For instance, a number of media adverts use the images of women to advertise products since it is believed that it would attract the majority. Companies manufacturing beauty products use these adverts to promote most of their products globally. It is satirical to note that women are used as advertising images, something that implies profit are valued than the self-image of women.

The behaviour of organizations regarding their powerful adverts could be explained through the application of liberalism since the ideology supports private ownership of property and free market economy. The ideology was adopted following the industrial revolution in Europe whereby many countries aspired to outsmart their competitors in the global market.

It was felt that the government had no role in the market since this was interfering with the achievement of the global roles. The ideology suggests that the government has only one role, which is to provide an enabling environment that would guarantee individual fulfilment. For this to happen, the individual has to be granted certain rights, especially the right to make a decision on whatever would satisfy his or her wish and desire.

This has enable organizations to reap maximally because the society has no business to interfere with the beliefs, desires, wishes, principles, and the choices of an individual. However, the ideology suggests that the government should only intervene when it is felt that the market is experiencing some problems, such as economic recession.

The major function of the state is to put in place effective infrastructural structure, such as construction of roads, improving the communication system, and offering adequate security to individuals and their products (Hertz 16).

In this case, the companies producing beauty products are in a position to dominate the global market because governments provide security to its products and the same goods are able to reach the consumer at the most convenient time.

Through improved communication systems, the organization has been able to influence the market through powerful advertisements. The ideology does not permit inequality implying that the state has to provide a fair play ground for all actors to show their potentials (Brett 249).

The existence of the free market cerates wealth and this is the main reason why capitalists support it. The market operates according to its internal logics whereby the best organization would be rewarded while the lazy one would be punished severely. If an organization offers quality products at a reduced price, chances are high that it would dominate the market.

Some of the companies enjoy the economies of scale owing to its size and capital resource base. Critics of liberalism argue that the ideology does not aim at realizing the major objectives of the community since it insists on individualism, something that is likely to destabilize peace.

Liberalism is one of the macroeconomic theories that suggest that the world economy is becoming mutually dependent, expanding, and intensifying global relations, particularly in commerce. The theory further observes that trade has played a significant role as far as economic growth among is concerned.

The theorists holding this view do not approve the idea of autarky whereby states fail to open up their economies for global investment. The practice of protectionist policies is highly disputed by the theorists who suggest that it hinders the free flow of resources, both human and capital.

For there to be a substantial development, the economy should be left to the market forces whereby the internal logics are allowed to flourish. If the state does not intervene in economic matters, the consumer is likely to suffer because of the inconsiderate nature of profit making organizations.

Liberalism is the cause of all evils in society according to Marxists because it supports individual ownership of property. People are forced to consume according to the media adverts, yet they do not fulfil their wishes.

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