Comparison of Story and Movie ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

In the three makings of Lamb to the Slaughter, they all tell their story in a different way. In the text comparison to the 1979 film color, one of the main differences was that Mary had a flashback of her killing Patrick instead of her doing it in the actual time, that stood out and I think that was for a main reason, to make them different because if they didn’t it would not only be boring because it’s close to the text but there would be no change. It genuinely makes the scene more interesting for us to watch.

Also, they both have very different lighting throughout the story, in 1979 it’s way more happy and settle in the beginning and then there’s just a rude awakening and when Mary had called the cops to come and the light had all the sudden changed and everything just got very dark and shallow as she balled her eyes out talking to them. In the text, it changed lighting too but it had went on longer and she hadn’t come home first she got a chance to talk to Patrick before she killed him(not in a flashback) and everything had been okay but then he told her the news of him wanting to leave her and that’s when everything changes and goes dark. Lastly the characters, in 1979 Patrick didn’t even get a real chance to portray himself but Mary portrayed herself to be very worried about him leaving her, as in the text Mary was the same but Patrick got a chance to express himself letting him know he no longer wants to be with her, that shows that he’s just a straight up and honest person.

Then there’s the text and the Hitchcock. They were layed out very alike, minimal differences. In the beginning of both the text and Hitchcock, they started out with Patrick being able to portray himself by being straight up and telling her he wants to leave. Then as the text goes on the lighting doesn’t change nor does it change in Hitchcock until she kills him and as the officers come in to question her in the movie, the lighting changes to very frantic and scared but also dark because she just killed her husband. In the text although she killed her husband the lighting was more concerning as to what would happen with her baby and her. All in all each movie and the text tell the same story just in a different way to keep the readers and people watching more entertained but also to tell the story in different ways.


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