Comparison Of Puppy and The Lady with the Dog Novels

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Critical Analysis

There are many great works in Literature, ranging from Edgar Allen Poe to John Donne. The works that were most worth looking at are the works “Puppy” by George Saunders(Page 172), and “The Lady With the Dog” by Anton Chekhov (Page 251). The reason these are the two texts being mentioned is because they both reference a dog, but in reality have nothing to do with the dog itself. “Puppy” is about a family that wants a puppy. While “The Lady with the Dog” is about a man who falls in love with a woman, who happens to have a dog. There is more detail in the following paragraphs.

“Puppy” is about a family with 2 kids who wants another dog, because the youngest girl has never had a young dog in her life, The find an advertisement for a puppy, and when the family goes to the house, the house is in really bad condition. There is a child chained up on the tree outside, and the inside is a mess. The mother refuses to buy from this house, because she lived that childhood, and she felt extremely bad for the boy chained to the tree. On the other end, the woman living in the beat up house saw the family pulling up and wished she had asked for more money. This shows that there is a diversity and a certain mindset that divides people. There are the people who are less off than some people, and their mindsets are “I should have gotten more money off this richer person”, while the more well off family sees the house, and how it is in the dumps, and things “This is a pigsty. I would not want to get anything that this person has to offer.” These two mindsets are significant because this is what is in our world today. This is what divides people, and gives them the mindsets. Especially since the main character is from a family that used to be like the house, and she refuses to expose her children to that.

In “The Lady with the Dog” This story is even less about a dog than in the story “Puppy”. In this story, there is a married man who sees a woman with a dog, and starts having an affair with her. They enjoy it for a while, but then the lady with the dog has to go back to where she came from. The man misses her so much that he went to where she lives and approached her in front of her husband and demanded her attention. She however did not want to continue the affair because it was just a silly thing that gave her excitement because she wanted to rebel a little, but now she want to be back in her life. She finally agrees to visit him sometimes, as long as he left her alone at her home. This is significant because the man wants to have a exciting affair, with a younger woman, but she is not completely happy, When she heads back, the man realizes that he truly loved her, but they had only known eachother for a few months. Then he goes so far to travel to a different country. She does not love him, and he was just another person. He harassed her so much that he agreed to visit him, then one day, he realized he was getting older, and he wasted his whole life on the Lady with the Dog, that he didn’t try to pay attention to his actual wife or his daughter. This all bring a certain sadness to the whole thing. Making this a very weird and oddly touching story.

Overall, these two stories have their own significance, and have mostly nothing to do with the story itself. With the family looking down on someone with less money, and the man who had an affair for all his life with a woman he barely knew. This lady happened to have a dog which represented the title of the story. They also happened to have the same peron, but not the same type of narration, they both have their own significance, and they both have a family that relies upon them to not make the same mistakes as the previous pasts indicate. These are the sories of “Puppy”, and “The Lady with the Dog”.

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