Comparison of Great Gatsby Novel and Film Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Language is another component that differs from a book and a film. Sequence of images on screen told a story and this is equivalent to the sequence of words on page. The use of language in film established firmly the connections to literature. The film is multi-sensory communal experience emphasizing immediacy, literature is a mono sensory private experience that is more conductive to reflection. A film is usually viewed in others’ presence each audience acknowledges the presence of the others. A novel is typically a private experience in which the relationship between the author and the reader is relatively direct and immediate.

Film is also can consider as a branch of literature.Most of popular films has taken from the most popular bestselling novel.

In Literature, author should describe the characters, place, an attitude the peoples by verbal, it’s just not at all easiest thing to do make readers to image by their own with the words of authors intention, but in film silver screen visual the complete scene by actions of the cast its directly gets into the audience mind.

“I went out and openend it.gatsby,pale of death,with his hands plunged like weights in his coat pockets,was standing in a puddle of water glaring tragically into my eyes.”

The great Gatsby novel readers only get the knowledge by reading. In film audience receives from sound of music speech, noise and also from picture, actions, emotions, body language. Film can displays the real life in front of audience but the novel only can describe through the words.

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Reading can give pleasure to the readers but it’s not possible at all time but sure film can gives complete enjoyment through the film. From the point of view film is more powerful in creating the real life than the novel.

Using films could facilitate the English literature teaching Thus, in literature teaching, these aspects could be greatly enhanced by using films as complementary materials. Unlike the book, the film could present the real life in the classroom lively. It provides opportunities for the students to see the people, the customs and the cultures of the target language community. The using of films in literature teaching does not mean merely play the film for the students in the classroom. Actually, the teacher need to design some activities based on the films and the novel, so as to create the environment in which the students could interact effectively with each other.

Illiterate is a huge drawback to literature. It has many disadvantages. Most important disadvantage of illiteracy is that illiterate people do not gain any knowledge from books. They cannot read, without the knowledge of reading. How could they image, thing create or how interpretation can happen in this critical situation. Here Film fulfills the space which can helps the illiterate people. With the screen play, use of language, action, facial expression. Film is not only the base of entertainment it also a part of educator for those who are helpless of reading. It is also a great advantage of film and disadvantage of literature.


Film and literature, both have interconnections between each other, those are have a bond it Revealed the expressed in different ways. The most important ways in which film differs from the novel lie in the additional elements of pictures and sound. The filmmakers may reveal theme and character and move the action forward by means other than language. Liteature is a basic step for filmmaking. Liteature has contribute a lot to the film.


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