Comparing Two Scientific Literature Literature Review

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Upon reading the two articles, the reader can infer that both articles feature the same scientific research, which is the engineering of Escherichia coli bacteria such that it can produce biodiesel directly from sugars and hemicellulose. The original research was published as a letter in Nature while a news article featuring the research was published within the same volume. As usual, the letter was authored by Steen et al. (559-563), the team of scientists who did the research, while the news article was authored by an outsider, Jeff Tollefson (409). Although both articles feature the same scientific research, their content and purpose differ significantly.
The news article by Tollefson (409) features the research performed by Steen et al., but focuses more on its implications on oil economics. Unlike the letter, the news article did not explain the scientific processes involved in the production of biodiesel directly from sugars and hemicellulose by the bacterium, but it explains why the research is economically relevant. Note that biofuels are more nature-friendly and less costly than standard petrol, which explains the significance of the research by Steen et al. (559-563) in the field of oil economics. Moreover, the research can potentially reduce the cost of producing biofuels significantly.
On the other hand, the article by Steen et al. (559-563) contains the bulk of the original research, though it was not written with the standard template (abstract – introduction – method – results – discussion – conclusion). Articles that are published as letters on Nature usually comprises the original study, which means that the articles must contain relevant scientific ideas concerned with the research as well as the methods and results of the research. Therefore, the content of the article by Steen et al. (559-563) is more technical as it describes the original research in a scientific tone. Like most scientific journals, the purpose of the article by Steen et al. (559-563) is to elaborately explain the whole idea of their research by describing the scientific concepts and processes involved as well as the methodology. By doing this, other scientists can easily replicate the results of their study or expand the research further.

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