Comparative Analysis Of Barn Burning And A Rose Of Emily By William Faulkner

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

William Faulkner stands out as one of the remarkable authors in the contemporary society with a focus on short stories as well as novels. Some of his pieces that almost every English student likes is “A Rose of Emily” as well as the “Barn Burning.” The thematic aspect of these articles being the social life depicted by the southern people. Also, there is the struggle they undergo at different instances. The use of a dramatic context in the stories is vital in fostering empathy. The ability to create the feeling makes it possible for the audience to place themselves in the shoes of the southern town. The ability to develop a sense of sympathy in both stories brings a greater understanding of correlation. Moreover, there exist similarities and differences in the stories regarding their contexts. Ideally, the aspects make them unique as well as entertaining.

The first thing under consideration is the social life of those in the Southern. That is inclusive of the struggle depicted in the two pieces. According to the “Barn Burning,” the use of Yaknapatawpha, which is a town in Mississippi is imaginary in illustrating major concepts relating to the struggle. On the other side, there is the utilization of Jefferson township, which is the center of focus in “A Rose for Emily.” In the “Barn Burning,” there exists a small boy more of in a dilemma striving to express loyalty to the community and the family. On the other hand, there is a feeling of unpleasantness, sympathy as well as awkwardness during the discovery of a longtime residence in Jefferson town. The fact that Emily kept sleeping with dead bodies is threatening and represent an aspect of a cult.

The stories present a significant aspect, whereby people with different lives can work together to solve the problems. There exists a sort of algorithm in sorting these issues, leading to the element of communism. At one instance, people will strive to create their world to solve some challenges. The process is never appealing and might make individuals lose the societal ties. The old, as well as the new industrial periods, experienced a wide range of transformation and the two stories act an accurate representation. Abner, as well as Emily’s father, can undoubtedly attest the challenges in the society, and they had to use all the possible means to adapt and survive in such environments. In the two stores, the protagonists strive to resist change, and the end is always murder as well as the destruction of property. Even though the plot might be the same in specific ways, there is also a lot of dissimilarity in the aspect that Abner was from a humble background. Emily was from the different side of the financial edge. Even though these characters were divergent on the element of social class, they still had the same problems, and their ways of solving such issues also remained the same to some extent. Symbolisms is an aspect that dominates “A Rose for Emily.” The use of Grierson was to depict the old views dominating the story. It is evident that she constantly disagrees with the old age of life as well as the restrictions that result due to the old tradition. The elements of the old South `keep dragging civilization, and that limits success in some ways’.

The North presented a commendable pace and the use of “A Rose for Emily” denotes all the struggles that people from the south experience while trying to cope and implement modernization. The society dictates some things, and the two stories outline the influence of the father. Emily could not date, and that resulted for the thirst for love as well as security. The death of Emily’s father signified freedom. Meeting Homer Barron seemed the end of life for her. On the contrary, there was Sarty father. Continually burning down other people properties proves lack of loyalty. However, the son later embraces the community and was willing to use all the available resources to give back to the society. From the analogy, it is evident that Barron symbolized the new generation. The ability to remain rigid is the reason for his death. Men should marry at a particular instance, a fact that Homer failed to embrace. That resulted to his untimely death.

In conclusion, William managed to provide a systematic plot for the two stories. Still, there is the symbolic significance regarding people’s thoughts in times of danger as well as other natural calamities. The use of Abner and Emily presents a clear analogy of the two paradigms of life. Emily was from a wealthy family and managed to share problems with a person from a humble background. Even though the issues had a different scope, they led to use similar ways in solving their problems. The only daunting aspect is the problem-solving techniques that proved ineffective. Any problem-solving technique should offer a better solution. To the contrary, the methods depicted by Abner as well as Emily adds more misery. That is not how a problem-solving solve emerge. Still, the society should be dynamic and embrace change for the sake of the future generation.

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