Colonial Cities in America Essay (Critical Writing)

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

Many cities emerged after several European colonialists came to American. These colonial powers wanted to create new urban centers that would support trade and commerce. New cities emerged along the coastline to promote trade. The Europeans intended to create new cities similar to those in their respective countries. Unfortunately, the Europeans were unable to achieve their goals because of the existing cultural forces. The colonial powers introduced new centers to govern these cities. New “vices emerged such as prostitution, arson, insecurity, drinking, and smuggling” (Carp 43). Tax evasion also became a major challenge in the cities. Merchants and settlers occupied the best positions in society. Artisans and unskilled laborers were part of the middle class. Indentured servants and slaves were at the bottom. Diseases and infections were also common.

I agree with Smith and Chudacoff because most of the American cities were critical to the justification and timing of the American Revolution. Such cities made it possible for different people to share their ideas and concepts. The cities equipped more people with new skills and firearms. The ongoing activities in these cities played a critical role in sensitizing more natives about their pathetic situations. Most of the Europeans were trying to enrich themselves. These developments would become relevant to the revolution. The people established new views and theories to support the revolution. Many Americans became conscious of the existing inequalities and injustices. Different issues, such as inequalities infringed the people’s rights and liberties (Carp 38). This description explains why the fight for freedom began in Boston. Many cities such as Boston became the breeding grounds for new ideas towards establishing a new order.

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