Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko

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In 1763 the Great britain spent 60 Million dollars on the colonies to protect then from the French.So the Great Britain asked for some money cause they were in depth and the colonies said no. The Great Britain was not very happy so they taxed them.In 1764 the Great Britain started something called the sugar act forcing the colonists to import sugar exclusively from the British and to pay things for them.Then one year later they made the extremely bad Stamp act and it was not cool.

They stamped every paper someone bought. The whole thing actually messed up there business and a couple years later they stopped the stamp act.But in 1766 the British started something called the Declaratory act.After in 1767 they started something called the townshend acts.They stamped everything.Once again the americans raided the British goods and they had to quit .They stopped taxing everything but tea.Then they sent 1000 troops to boston to take over and made the colonists pay for them.

Saratoga is short for two battles that handed the grace to the British invasion from Canada during the War. After takeing Fort ticonderoga with almost beat the British army led by way to confident general John Burgoyne walked south at a sloth speed , giving the Americans time to get back to gether under Horatio Gates.

To help him leader george washington sent benedict donald his great commander Colonel Daniel Morgan and his regiment of virginia shooting group and 2 of contents from the Hudson High lands . They brought up the strong Gates strong to about sixty five hundred troops .

Same important was Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko the 19 British General John Burgoyne achieved a small but important victory over American armys led by Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold. Though his troop strength had been weakened. Burgoyne again went for the Americans at Bemis Heights on October 7th, but this time was beat and forced to give up.

The constitution of the United States of America is signed by 38 out of only 41 present at the conclusion of the Constitutionin Phili people of the document waged a hardwon fight to win by the only necessary 9 out of 13 american states.Of course after the war they still had some problems but the war was done and we had independence.The constition is held in washington till this day.

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