Clutter in English Speech and Writing Report (Assessment)

September 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Clutter is a major barrier to concise speaking and writing. Clutter refers to the use of unnecessary words or phrases that do not add value or meaning to a sentence. Clutter is common to many people in the United States. Examples of common clutter include ‘in this in time,’ “face problem up,” and “personal friend.” For the former phrase, the word “now” can be sufficient, while the latter could be replaced with a single word “friend.”

Clutters originate from many sources and different professions. Motivations for using clutters include wanting to sound pompous, pretentious, trying to hide meaning and euphemism. Clutters are common tools for concealing the truth and euphemism in politics and business. For instance, politicians can use a phrase such as “reinforced protective reaction strike” to justify an invasion. Clutters can make comprehension difficult, slow readers unnecessarily, and distort meaning.

To avoid clutters, a writer should avoid unnecessary words, avoid repetition and economize words. Highlighting and removing redundant and unnecessary words and phrases can help one to be a concise writer.

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