Charlotte’s Web vs. Spider Man: Similarities & Differences

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

Have you ever watch a movie calls Spider Man? He used his web as a weapon to help people in danger. I just finished a cartoon called Charlottes Web. Charlotte also used her web to save her friends life. Charlotte, a spider is the main character. She helped a pig named Wilber get out of death. For many things she did help Wilbur, she seems as an animal has good traits. First, she is really friendly with Wilbur and others animal. Second, she used her intelligent to save Wilburs life. Lastly, she could be a leader.

To begin, Charlotte was very friendly with Wilbur and others animal. It was terrible, horrible, and very bad day for a pig, Wilbur because his plan escaped from the farm got ruined. Wilbur started to cry, but then she heard a friendly voice. Wilbur heard the voice came from the roof, but he didnt know who it was. Then he saw a large grey spider waving at him. It was Charlotte. She advised Wilbur that she will be friend with him and Wilbur was not going to be bore anymore because Wilbur had Charlotte as a good friend. She wanted Wilbur to be happy with his life, and she wanted him to know about the friendship. She was not only treating kind with Wilbur, but also she treat fairly with others animal. She was always there to help them when they needed her. Near the end of the story, Wilbur had to go to the fair to compete the prize with other animal from different farms. Wilbur was timid. He was afraid to go to the fair. He wanted Charlotte to go with him but she didnt want to go at first because it was inconvenient for her to go. It was eggs laying time for her. But then, she decided to go with Wilbur. She thought about her friendship between her and Wilbur. She didnt want anything wrong happen to Wilbur, and she respected her friendship with Wilbur.

Next, she seemed as very smart because she helped Wilbur got out of danger many time. One day, Wilbur found out that he was going to kill on this Christmas. Wilbur told Charlotte about that. She thought about the ways to save his life and she got an idea. Charlotte calmed Wilbur down, and told him how to save his life. At the same night, she started to make a web that had the word to describe about Wilbur. She wrote Some Pig in her web. People were surprised when whey first saw Charlotte message. They thought it was a miracle. Wilbur became famous, and the news about him was published everyday. People were from another the town came to see the miracle of the web. Wilbur became valuable for Ferns uncle, and he wasnt going to kill Wilbur. She continued to make another web when the worlds Some Pig in the web was destroy. It was only for one reason that she saved Wilburs life. She wrote these words like Terrific and Radiant made Wilbur more popular. So, Wilbur was chosen to go to the County Fair. At the fair, the pig had a name Uncle won the first prize. Charlotte wanted Wilbur would be more famous than Uncle. So, she decided to make a last web for Wilbur. The web was had the words Humble on it. She did it because Wilburs life will be in danger if he was not won the prize. And Wilbur did have the special prize.

Finally, she was a good leader and others animal could realized it. Wilbur was in danger again when the words Some Pig on the web was destroy. Charlotte couldnt think of a new idea. She couldnt read the words and she wanted others animal are help to get a better way for her way to save Wilburs life. She called the farm animals to come in her place, and thought about the words that she would describe specific about Wilbur. Others animal tried to pronoun the words, but it didnt make any sense. She found another way to help Wilbur, and others animal were force by her order to find it. Suddenly, she discovered that a rat, Templeton could read the words and he knew where these words were. Templeton was a kind of selfish animal. He could anything with his benefit. Charlotte advised Templeton and he would have food for finding the words for Charlotte. But Templeton was also obeying Charlottes order.

In conclusion, Charlotte passed away but she died a satisfying and happy death. Her good traits still remained in all animals heart, especially for Wilbur. She was nice, friendly and a good leader. Take your time to watch Spider Man and Charlottes Web. You can realize how Spider man and Charlotte have same purposes, and they would do anything for their friends.


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