Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte Vs. Jane Eyre 

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

Authors have been growing, improving more and more each year. Charlotte Bronte and Daphne du Maurier were two women authors who had different eras as they were from distinctive periods. As the time changes, the style of English literature composed work eventually changes. Although they were from diverse time frames, they did have a few similarities and contrasts between their lives within their religion, history, and family.

Charlotte Bronte, who is also known as ‘Currer Bell,’ was the third child of six, who was the only one to survive adulthood, was born on 21 April 1816, in England, after Gurkhas began to serve in the British military. She belonged to a poor Anglican family, which hold eight members. Her father was an Irish priest, and in addition, an author as well, and her mother was a poet and a painter. Her mother passed away when Charlotte Bronte was young. As time went on, she lost her two eldest sisters as well, due to the harsh conditions of the school. Then again, she lost the siblings who survived after the two eldest sisters’ death. Currer Bell’s experiences at school influenced her portrayal of Lowood school. She wrote about seven fiction books, yet the primary book was ‘Jane Eyre,’ which was published in 1847 when she was thirty-one years old. She was not only an author but also a teacher and governess.

But, Daphne du Maurier, who is well-known as ‘Lady Browning,’ was born on 13 May 1907, in London, during women’s suffrage, and a year later after Bronte’s husband died. She was a part of a creative (rich) family, which gripped five members. Her parents were theatre actors. When she was twenty-seven, her father passed away as he failed to win a fight against colon cancer. Lady Browning was persuaded by her family and wrote about at least six fiction/non-fiction books, the first one is the ‘The Loving Spirit,’ which was out in 1931 when she was twenty-four years old.

Despite the differences between these two authors, there are a few similarities which are that they both were British authors, who inspired many new authors to come up with new ideas. Bonte and Maurier both used some allusion in their novels from the Bible, as they belong to the same religion. They were not only authors but also a novelist.

To sum up, in conclusion, I would like to state that as it was mentioned before that they were from different eras, they have fewer things in common but more unlikeness. Their religion was the same but the history and their family were unique.

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