Charles Dickens – One of the Most Outstanding Writers in the 19th Century

June 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

There were by far lots of remarkable and outstanding writers in the 19th century. However, Charles Dickens was most notably one of them amid. The Charles Dicken’s artistic wealth, as well as, real-life experience that was acquired by the hardship he went through his life path, made his literary production as a one of the most compelling and unique collection. Furthermore, some elements and characters put in his stories, came from his personal experience. For instance, the Bill Sikes name, which is the main antagonist in the novel Oliver Twist, was taken from Charles Dickens’ life. As a second autobiographical element from the real-life is the David Copperfield’s employment at Murdstone and Grinby’s that came from Charles hurtful life experience that he went through at Warren’s Blacking Factory.

First of all, Charles Dickens did not have the carefree and pleasant childhood. Neither his adult life nor the marriage was simple and straight. As a matter of fact, he grew up in the destitute family among eight siblings. What is more comes to it, after turning twelve years his father was taken into custody because of the missing payments he was falling behind. Therefore, he was the only person who was in charge of supporting the family working at the shoe factory. Even though he was dreaming of gaining the education by attending the university or academy, his dream could not come true. After a while, he got a chance to go to school, but he was forced to drop it out. He resented his parents for not taking care of him when he needed it the most. Nevertheless, when he started working as an office boy and then as a journalist, it was the key moment in his writing career. Charles Dickens, one of the realist writers of English literature, has been opposed to slavery throughout his life and emphasized the concept of poverty in his works. Dickens, who chooses his heroes from certain types of life, examined social problems and generally focused on social issues. The most important thing in this approach of the author is that he started working in his young ages and witnessed the lives of child laborers closely. In contrast to the superficiality and ruthlessness of the bourgeois, the author, who addresses the simple but clean lives of the poor, has been criticized for his deeply mastery of description, on the grounds that he created characters without depth by some writers. But Charles Dickens has been recognized as one of the most successful literary figures of all time.

He is an author of novels such as Pictures from Italy, Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son, David Copperfield, Bleak House, Hard Times, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and many others. Charles Dickens had a pure talent for storytelling and keeping reader’s attention throughout his literary compositions. Moreover, the writing style, as well as, diversity of the vocabulary words, and sentence structure is beautiful and well-organized that makes his compositions even more interesting and absorbing. Further, his novels have influenced the modern world and the movie industry by shooting movies such as A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, and Great Expectation. Charles Dickens’s ı The Great Expectation, is a thick book, but it’s a novel that deserves every page count. A work that senses love, hatred, ungratefulness, silliness, the air of wealth, the balloons exploding, and the pale work of conviction.

Particularly, The Great Expectations is the piece that is worth mentioning. This was the thirteenth novel written by him and swiftly became well noted. The story reveals the theme of the destitution and wealth the lead character Pip experienced throughout his life. His sister took care of him during his childhood thus he did not have a chance of meeting his parents. One day, he decided to help a criminal by hiding him and giving the food. There is also a love theme depicted that was unrequited. His beloved woman left his hometown, and he got lots of money from an unknown person. Because of this gift, he could afford to gain the education and improve his life condition. As it turned out, the money given to him came from the criminal he helped a long time ago. Pip could not accept the fact that he got the money from the criminal source. He loses money and is forced to work hard to maintain his life.

In the novels of Charles Dickens, the people he tells are ordinary people, he did not add important historical personalities to his novels; but he told the people he told well. He told the stories of the people who are mentioned in his stories and novels in a long process.

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