Characters in The Glass Menagerie and The Death of Salesman Research Paper

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

The article of Debra Brunch is characterized by a properly organized structure and clear analysis of the characters from different literary works. This author introduces the characters, which need to be analyzed, and presents enough powerful reasons of why this attention to physiological characteristics is important.

This article turns out to be helpful because the main characters of Death of a Salesman and The Glass Menagerie are not only properly defined but also characterized according to their emotional state. For example, one of the main characters in Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman is identified as a “mentally and emotionally confused” person (Bruch 8); the male character of The Glass Menagerie is under a threat of “his consciousness of his wants” (Brunch 7).

In this article, the author pays her attention to such important details as characters’ clothes and the ways of how they speak. To represent a proper analysis of the characters, it is necessary to evaluate emotional, physical, and psychological state of the characters. The article under discussion may become a good example of how male characters may be represented to the reader and what literary techniques and writing tools are better to use to achieve the necessary success and understanding.

A definite structure of the article helps to comprehend what aspect is analyzed and what features should be mentioned at first. This article is not only an educative source for future writers and those, who want to improve their understanding of the plays by Tennessee and Williams, but also a reliable structure according to which it is possible to represent the analysis.

Analysis of Female Characters

King, Kimball. “Tennessee Williams: A Southern Writer.” The Mississippi Quarterly 48.4. Fall 1995: 627-647.

The article by Kimball King is mostly focused on the works and achievements of Tennessee Williams and the impact of his works into the world of literature, and The Glass Menagerie is one of the plays under consideration. The creation of male characters takes an important place in Williams works, this is why the author of the article decides to analyze not only Williams’ approaches to plays’ development but also compare his methods with the other not less popular works like Miller’s Death of a Salesman.

The peculiar feature of this article is the concentration on one particular writer and the ability to evaluate other representatives of Southern literature.

The author of the article admits that Williams’ works as well as the works of other significant writers are characterized by a perfect reflection of “the characteristics of Southern writers noted by literary critics in the modernist era, beginning in the twenties and thirties, and they anticipate the postmodern dilemma in an era begun by integration and the growth of the formerly despised middle classes” (King 627).

In this article, certain attention is paid to family relations, which are described by Williams and Miller in peculiar ways. The universal significance of these plays is investigated by Kimball King; he underlines that the role of women in society is represented by Tennessee and Williams in different ways. Miller always restricts female duties and rights; and Williams, in his turn, tries to present his women as complex and powerful beings, who make numerous attempts to achieve the necessary control over situations and their bodies.

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Bruch, Debra. “Character Analysis.” Apollo’s Voice 9,5 (June 2002): 6-8.

King, Kimball. “Tennessee Williams: A Southern Writer.” The Mississippi Quarterly 48.4. Fall 1995: 627-647.

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