Characters and Themes in “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand Essay

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Updated: Dec 29th, 2020

Characters, Setting and Roles

Written by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged cuts across several issue that characterize most societies around the world. Part one of the novel begins by presenting determined attempts by Dagny to leverage the Taggart Transcontinental, a family pioneered company. Rand presents a fictional American setting in which collectivism characterizes the economy. It is in such situations that Dagny works to keep the company in operation single-handedly even after her brother, James, the company’s president, decides to overlook the troubles of the company. According to Dagny, James’ decisions are unrealistic to the condition of the company.

For instance, when James orders steel from a poor service Boyles’ Steel Associated, Dagny appeals for that decision and pursues her policy by contracting the efficient Rearden Steel Company. Meanwhile, on discovering Francisco’s destruction of his family copper company, Dagny becomes disappointed since she has known him from childhood. Part 1 concludes by illustrating uproar among the steel competitors sparked by Rearden invention of the strongest metal alloy in the world.

Government Role and Romance

Part two of the novel demonstrates the Government’s intervention into the claims raised by the jealous competitors against Rearden innovation. The government seems to back these claims and the pressure mounts on Dagny to deploy conventional steel rather Rearden’s. Dagny refuses to stomach the pressures. Rand illustrates Ellis Wyatt, a young entrepreneur and a founder of Wyatt Oil, who in conjunction with Dagny and Rearden fights for government withdrawal from interfering with business affairs of the country. While the government enforcement into business control intensifies, Dagny gradually notices disappearance of nation’s brilliant innovators including her business friend, Wyatt.

On the same note, the reader is acquainted with the individual behind the government control of business, John Galt. In their romantic relationship, Hank and Dagny end up in what the writer refers to as ‘pure love’. Since they have similar goals in life, Rand describes their love as the most sacred that most people strive to realize in their lifetime. Rand concludes their relationship story in a USA holiday in which Dagny discovers a motor with full potential to salvage the world’s energy situation and she vows to look for an inventor of the project.

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