Character Analysis of Lydia and Junior in Pride and Prejudice, a Novel by Jane Austen

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

Week 8 Short Response Essay

In my opinion, Lydia and Junior share the most similarities amongst the protagonists of novels read this semester. The main similarity is found in their family situations. Both characters struggle significantly because of their parents in my opinion, and both characters find escapes in different ways. Lydia was a parent pleaser, and Junior was unintentionally I believe. Junior was successful, bright, and unique, but he didn’t necessarily do so for his parents rather himself. Whereas Lydia’s days were spent being a spitting image of her parents dreams and aspirations. Both characters were star children that any parent would be proud of. However, their parents put them into situations where they couldn’t be who they wanted to be. The parents of both Lydia and Junior acted as antagonists in these stories.

In Juniors case, he was born and raised in a reservation, one that promised little advancement. It wasn’t until he made the decision for himself to transfer schools that he was able to become happy and establish real friends. His parents were extremely poor, so much so, that many days they went without food. His parents were unable to live out their dreams or become successful. His parents made it difficult for him to achieve his dreams. They were unable to provide him with necessities or drive him to school. Their drinking really brought Junior troubles.

Lydia’s parents were somewhat like the Spirit’s as well. Her parents did not have the chance to become what they expected either. Although her family was not as poor as Junior’s, they certainly did not have much money either. Both Junior and Lydia’s parents made the kids unhappy throughout the novels. Junior was very upset when his parents refused treatment for his sick dog, and Lydia was so upset with her family and life that she took her life. Although the situations of both characters were different, many obstacles had to be overcome for them to find happiness. Being that the Protagonist’s parents were unable to live out their dreams, they somewhat lived them through their children in both cases. Despite their numerous defaults, they loved their children a lot. Junior wrote on one of his pictures that a strength of his parents was that they loved him so much and he felt it, even though they were neglectful alcoholics. Lydia was said to be the favorite many times in the book, when police asked if Nath if their parents ever hit her, he responded by saying they loved her and would never do that.

Both characters had to face numerous challenges until they finally found happiness. Junior had to overcome being born with an illness, on a reservation, and tormented by everyone. Lydia had to overcome the constant pressure and struggle that her parents placed on her every living minute. Although both characters achieved happiness in different ways, they both finally did. For Junior, his happiness came from transferring schools. This big change was exactly what he needed to come of age and be the person he always wanted. Lydia’s happiness came from ending her life. Although hers is much more tragic, she gained peace, and that was enough for her. Junior was able to be recognized for his merit, whereas Lydia was not because she died before establishing herself.

Both Junior and Lydia had several disadvantages that were based on their families. Whether it be the neglectful parents in Juniors case, or the overbearing parents in Lydia’s. Both were extremely difficult for the characters. Despite these defaults in their character, both Junior and Lydia were loved more so than the other siblings in the novel. Both characters also had to make a large decision for themselves to find happiness.

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