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Why did slavery become more central to American politics in the 1840s?
Territorial expansion raised the question of whether new lands should be free or slave

When Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821
Its Native American population was relatively large compared to its non-indian population

In 1821 the opening of the Santa Fe traul between Santa Fe and _ led to a reorientation of new mexico’s commerce from the rest of mexico to the US
Independence, Missouri

The term “Californios” referred in the 1830s and 1840s to _ in california
Mexican cattle ranchers

American settlement in texas in the 1820s and 1830s
Led Stephen Austin to demand more autonomy from Mexican officials

Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren rejected adding Texas to the United States because
The presence of slaves there would re-ignate the issue of slavery and they preffered to avoid it

“Fofty-Four Forty or Fight” referred to demands of American control of

Who questioned President Polk’s right to declare war by introducing a resolution to Congress requesting the president to specify the precise spot where blood had first been shed?
Abraham Lincoln

Who wrote “On Civil Disobedience” as a response to the US war with Mexico
Henry David Thoreau

The Treat of Guadalup Hidalgo of 1848 provided for all of the following except
US control of all Orgeon country

Woth the exception of Alaska, what was the last piece if territory acquired by the US toward tge solidification of uts present boundaries in North America
the Gadsen Purchase

The California gold rush
Resulted in laws that discriminated against “foreign miners”

Which of the following statements related to ethnicity was true in California in the 1850s
Thousands of Indian children were declared orphans and treated as slaves

During the 1850s, 80% of the worlds gold cane from two placed that experienced gold rushes at about the same time, California and

What American naval officaer negotiated a treaty that opened two Japanese ports to Us ships in 1854
Matthew Perry

In 1846 congressman David Wilmot proposed to
Prohibit slavery from all new territory acquired from Mexico

The Free Soil Party
Demonstrated how the antislavery sentiment had spread far beyone abolitionist ranks

Which of the following was not a provision of the compromise of 1850
The territories of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada would be created

The fugitive slave act of 1850
Gave new powers to federal officers to override local law enforcement

The controversy over the arrest if Anthony Burns in 1854 shows
The unpopularity of the Fugitive Slave Act in parts of the north

Stephen Douglass motivation for introducing th Kansas-Nebraska act was to
Boost efforts to buld a transcontinental railroad

Which is an example impact of the Kansas-Nebraska act?
The whig party collapsed, and many disgrunted northerners joined the new republican party

What attracted coters to the Know-Nothing party
Its denounciation of the Roman Catholic immigrants

In 1854, the Know-Nothings won all congressional races as well as govnorahip in

By 1856, the rebublican party included individuals who had bern mambers of each of the following political groups EXCEPT

The Republican free labor ideology
Led ti the argument bu Abraham Lincoln and William Steward that free laor and slave labor were essential incompatible

The caning of Charles Sumner by Preston Brooks
Actually helped the new rebublican party

The Rebublican party founded in the 1859/ strongly endorsed the same policy about slavery in the territories that _ had begun advocating in 1846
David Wilmot

The Dred Scott decision of the US supreme court
Decalred congress could not ban slavery from territories

On matters related to citizenship, the US supreme court decalres in Dred Scoff that
Only white persons could be US citizens

The Lecompton Constitution was the
Proslacery constitution proposed for Kansas

The famous Lincoln-Douglass debate took place durning the campaign
For US senator from illinois in 1858

Durning the debate with Abraham Lincoln in Freeport, Illinois, Stephen Douglas
Insisted that popular sovereignty was compatible with the Dred Scott decision

Who was responsible for the 1856 Pottawatomie Creek Massacre in Kansas and les the raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia in 1859
John Brown

What 1854 document called for the United States to sieze Cuba
Ostend Manifesto

The 1860 republican platform stated all of the following EXCEPT
Slavery should be abolished in the nations capital

The Democratic Party split in 1860 over the question of whether to
Protest slavery in the territories of allow popular soverignty in them

In 1860, which state became the first to pass an ordinance of secession and declare itself spearated from the Union
South Carolina

During the secession winter of 1860-1861, who offered the most widely supported compromise plan in Congress, which allowed the westward extension of the Missouri Compromise line
John Crittenden

The American Civil War began in April 1861 when:
Confederate forces fores upon and captured Fort Sumter

Among the Confederacy’s advantages during the Civil War was:
Its large size, which made it more difficult for the union to conquer

All pf the following are examples of technological changes that helped to make the civul war a modern war, EXCEPT for the
Field telephone

Monitor and Merrimac were
Ironclad ships

Approximately how many Union Confederate soldiers died during the civil war

A major part of the Anaconda Plan was
A naval blackade of the south

At the first battle of bull run
Spectators from the city with picnic baskets to watch

Who was offered a command in the union army, but declined because of his devotion to his native state?
Robert E Lee

Lincoln was hesitant to support abolition early in the war because he:
Feared losing the support of the slaveholding border states within the union

The last nation in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery was:

The Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863:
Did not apply to the border slave states that had not seceded

The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer regument is best known as
A regument of free blacks who charged Fort Wagner, South Caroline

Durning the Civil War, black soldiers
Helped inspire Rebublicans to believe that emancipation also demanded equal rights before the law

With regard to civil liberties during the civil war, president lincoln
Suspended the writ of habeas corpus

Economically, the civil war led to
The emergence of a nation-state committed to national economic development

Colonel John Chivington is remembered for
Leading an attack that killed perhaps 400 Indian men,women, and children

Captains of Industry like steel magnate Andrew Carnegie and oil man John D Rockefeller
Began creating or consolidating their fortunes during the civil war

“Greenback” was a Civil War-era nickname for
Paper money

Which of the following is NOT true of the New York Riots of 1863
They convinced Lincoln to delay issuing the Emancipation Proclamation

“King Cotton diplomacy” led Great Britain to
Find new supplies of cotton outside the South

In July 1863, the Union won two key victories that are often identified as turning points in the War. These victories occurred at:
Gettysburg and Vicksburg

The “Sea Island Experiment” refers to
Northern reformers efforts to assist former slaves with the transition to freedom

The thirteenth amendment
abolished slavery throughout the US

Lincoln’s second inaugural address
Pronounced a harsh judgement on the nations past

Which of the following was NOT an affect on the civil war
It places the challenge of protecting and defending African American freedom on the national agenda

Frederick Douglass viewed the abolition of slavery as
Not the end of the nations work, but the beginning of a new phase of it

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