Infinity Ring Divide and Conquer

Time Travel in ‘Infinity Ring: Divide and Conquer’

May 12, 2019 by Essay Writer

The plot mainly takes place in different time periods, especially in the past. It is about how the world is about to end, and three children must go back in time to prevent events called Breaks, that will cause the world to end. Page 118 paragraph 4 informs us that”…the fate of the world rested in the hands of kids.” Despite the false claims that the world is ending, in the real world, we know that the world will not end any time soon, so it is a futuristic idea. In this version, the world is ending, and the only way to save it is by preventing these Breaks. In this adventure, they went to Paris, France during the battle with the Vikings. Page 138 paragraph 2, states”…their involvement in the Siege of Paris had changed history-that was the point of going back to fix the Breaks.” History is in the past, and in the current time period, it is unreasonable to think that history can be changed, because of the use of time travel. Whether it will actually happen or not is a mystery, but currently, it is an idea out of the question.

Time travel itself is only a fictional thought that people are positive is not possible, yet Sera, Dak, and Riq utilized it very often. In this story, the children use an Infinity Ring to go back in time. It is true when Rollo comments on page 141 paragraph 1,”With your shiny Ring, all you have is time.” We live life and move forward. There is no going back, even when you desperately wish to. As a result, it is futuristic to think about being able to go through different centuries in a matter of seconds. However, this is exactly what happens in the book. Page 1 paragraph 2, is where Sera says, “Just a few seconds ago they’d been standing in Paris in 1792…it should have brought her, Dak, and Riq to 885.” They end up meeting Vikings and old Parisians, which is something we would not be able to do right now. By moving back in time, they ended up meeting people that they could only read about. History was literally alive, and they had the opportunity to experience the past. The infinity ring has powers that we could not imagine possible today, and these different elements were what created this book to be an unrealistic science fiction one.

In the story, the Vikings are attacking Paris, and the kids assume that they are supposed to stop them from winning over the Parisians, however, they realize what they need to do is help the Vikings take it peacefully. In the meantime, Dak gets captured by the Vikings, but luckily while there find allies and convinces the Vikings to take action in order to take over Siege. In the middle of the chaos, the friends are able to reunite thanks to the historian Billy, whose job is to take care of time travelers and record current events for the people of the future. Then, they need to warp away, but Sera who loves Bill is reluctant to go and tries to slow down the process. Unfortunately, some Vikings are trying to the steal the time traveling power, and they try to kill Sera, yet Bill heroically takes the arrow for her, as they warp way to their next assigned location, Washington D.C.

The moment where Billy is shot by the arrow is extremely important because it represented the sacrifices they were making, and the pain they were causing for everybody involved in these quests would result in. Page 133 paragraph 7 she states, “We’re talking about Bill … The Historian who saved your life.” Going back was not an option for them because it was too dangerous, and Sera was extremely upset. She was forced to allow someone she cared about to become injured, and this was the kind of price she had to pay in order to prevent the world from ending. At this point, we knew that they would be okay for now, but realized the negative impact they were forced to make on different people.

Devices as fancy as mind reading tools and teleporters could have been useful, yet something as simple as a cell phone could also monumentally impact the quest in a positive way. For example, at one point in the story, Dak was trapped by the Vikings, and he was forced to pretend to be dead in the river so that people would assume he was already dead and not actually kill him. However, he was unable to inform his friends of this plan, so they had to make wild assumptions off of what they saw. On page 69 the last paragraph, Sera is devastated as Riq states,” I saw Dak’s body floating down the river. He was face down, and he wasn’t moving.” Without the simple devices for communication, it was much harder for the three children to be able to come up with a plan and be able to call or help each other when necessary. They have intricate tools like a time machine, yet they truly needed the everyday cell phone to assist them. With the cell phone, they could have been able to avoid a lot of trouble and be able to quickly rescue Dak, while coming up with plans.

Sera and Riq realized in the middle of the battle that they were actually supposed to help the Vikings win and conquer Paris peacefully. However, Dak was unable to learn this until after he made some mistakes. He decided to take action in a way that was not very positive. The Vikings had planned to light a boat on fire, and send it down to Seine River which would result in the flames from the ship would catch on to the main bridge at Paris, putting it on fire. However, on page 85 paragraph 4, it states that he watched what he had done when,”…the ship took on more water and began listing to its side before capsizing and sinking…” For most of the story, Dak was away from Sera and Riq which ended up causing serious issues on how they acted. With the use of the cell phone, Sera and Riq could have been able to inform Dak on their new findings, while keeping each other up to date when they were not able to be together, due to certain circumstances.

From scientists, we are completely positive that time travel is impossible. However, in this story, it is used regularly. An example would be when Sera wished to go back in time to save her love, Bill. On page 131 paragraph 3 she thought, “They could go back. The Infinity Ring made it possible.” Certain actions that were normal for them actually was not. It is truly impossible to go back in time and change history. Even in the future, what is done will be that and it will not be able to be transformed, and that is life. The people of the future will be able to come up with new and advanced technology, yet some ideas are simply beyond the bounds of possibility.

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