Boys in The Boat


The Boys in the Boat and the Search for Solutions of Arising Problems

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

I have just recently finished reading your book The Boys in the Boat. This book has showed me what it looks like to find solutions to various problems and what it looks like to defeat the odds. While reading your book I enjoyed how you made the book very interesting with lots of dialogue and many problems, unlike other non-fiction stories based on true stories that drag on until finally you get to a single climax. Also while I was reading your book there was always something happening, either a mental or physical problem that the main character overcame or learned something from. Another reason why I felt that your book was very interesting is because the writing style made each of the characters stand out differently while all encountering one of the same problems. With all of these different dynamics the novel was balanced and created a great book. All in all I would recommend this book to other readers.

Truthfully, the reason I read this book was because my brother recommended it to me and said that he liked it but never finished it.I would recommend this book because when I started to read this book I enjoyed how the story was told in an others person’s perspective and was describing the main character to you in another person’s point of view. This made me want to read more of the book,and was very helpful. I can imagine it grabbed many people’s attention. This also set up a good first impression on the book and on the main character himself. Another reason why I liked the beginning of the book is because when they say this boy is going to join the crew team he has to work twice as hard as everybody else to be just good as good. This underdog in the story creates a very good beginning because while he is in military school the crew team is made up of people two times his height and mass, this makes the story interesting and also makes the reader want to figure out how he will proceed to endure the challenge. These are some of the reasons i would recommend the story to others. With a good introduction to the story it makes people want to read the remainder of the book to see what will happen next.

As the reader continues into reading into the middle of the book they are delighted to see that the main character Joe has proceeded to make the team, he tells this to his neighbor who is happy for him, but Joe is still upset he can’t share this joy with his real parents. Joe works extremely hard during military school and practicing rowing every day after school. This part really made me want to keep reading the book because I wanted to see the outcome of his hard work. When the rowing team face sore teams and keeps defeating them the whole book is going well, but the reader is still sitting on the edge of their seats because they are now in the Berlin Olympics and if they are defeated they will be knocked out and will have no chance in winning. At this point the reader is in shock because of the tremendous progress that team has made, but as expected the win would not come easy.

When the reader gets to the rising climax in the book, where the USA team is going up against the German team it makes you not want to put down the book, I thought this part of the book was one of the most intense parts because of bad weather and horrible wind. But despite the odds they proceed to win. The ending of this book makes reading it all worthwhile. This is one of the main reasons that I would recommend this book, I also like how after the victory

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