Catch-22: The Lives of a US Air Force Group

The book Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is about the lives of a US Air force group. The setting is on an italian island on a base which is close to Rome. It introduces us to Captain John Yossarian, which he is in the hospital with a liver problem.

When he is in the hospital, some of his friends came by named Hungry Joe, Doctor Havemeyer, and Clevinger. They all try to avoid dying at all cost as long as they can. We also met the lieutenant Milo Minderbinder who has a lot of money by him having a really good business that is worldwide. Major Major Major is the new leader of the squadron when Major Duluth is killed. Major Major Major gets bored really easily so like a normal person, starts to sign papers that came to his desk about Washington Irving. A C.I.D man comes to find out who Washington Irving is. Major Major Major didn’t like all the people coming to him so he made himself scarce so no one can reach him.

The Colonel Cathcart has told the man in the squadron, to bomb storage dumps in Bologna. The men are losing it because they know the flight area of Bologna was really dangerous. Yossarian was also scared so he made food and tried to make all the men sick so the mission cannot happen. Also Yossarian tries to find another way not to do the mission which was to declare himself crazy so he can go underground. But all the times he has tried it still has failed. That is when we found out the meaning of Catch-22 which was the if a man can tell the doctors that he has became crazy, then he is called sane and can mostly like be able to fly. But after all Yossarian and his friends go to Rome and Nately finds his prostitute girlfriend. Corporal Whitcomb who is the chaplain’s aid, has told the C.I.D people that the Chaplain is the man signing Washington Irving to all of the papers that are out. Yossarian was on a mission and his mind was not in the right area and because of that the plane goes down, so his gunner and his snowden are wounded and died shortly after right there.

In his second mission he hurt his leg really badly and doesn’t want to fly anymore. While this is going on Milo formed a group and gave things to his allies and to the Germans so it was double sided so he can get money. Yossarian tells a little fib about having dreams about a fish. The psychiatrist mixes up a soldier with him and sends the soldier home. We also find out that Orr is dead by him having a crash landing but he was Yossarian roommate. McWatt is in a training run with a bunch of soldiers and flies too close to Sampson who is on a raft and the other man are stumble from the loss of them. Yossarians talks to Nately’s girlfriend and he says that he is dead.

She tries to kill him and she even when to a extent and went to his base and tried to kill him. So Yossarian goes off the grid with the help of Milo, and he tries and find Nately’s girlfriends and her sister because they got kicked out of there home by the government because of the things that they have done. But Yossarian gets arrested for going going off the grid by the government. He is send back to the Colonel Cathcart’s post and he can go anywhere he want in the US as long as that him and the colonel are good. He says yes but when he walks out the post Nately’s girlfriend was waiting outside stabs him. While he is getting escorted he thinks about the conversation he had with the colonel that he decided that he would rather run away and that’s exactly what he did. That is when he finds out by the Chaplain that Orr is alive in Sweden. He runs aways and finds Nately’s girlfriend’s sister so he can take her to Sweden with him.

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