Canterbury tales: The Wife of Bath and the Pardoner Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Similarities and differences are easly spotted in a work of fiction. Alot of the time the author will make it very clear what he or she is trying to portray through their similarities and differences.

In the Canterbury tales the autthor makes sure that you know that there are alot more differences than there are similarities. For example the Wife of Bath and the Pardoner, they are very different stories but the author seems to tie in their similarities and differences.

In the Wife of Bath and in the Pardoner there are many similariries and differences between the two tales. In the tales one of the similarities is that they both have experienced the world. There is one difference between them just in traveling around the world because the Wife of Bath experienced the world by traveling and also in a sexual sense. She goes on for a while in her tale about how she would be the best person to talk about marriage and how you can make it work, or how it wont work.

While these stories are exptremly different in what they are talking about there are still a few things that they have in common. The Pardoner is all about the journey to canterbury and how they decidd to make the journey a little more bearable so they decided to have a story telling contest. So they decided have each of the men tell a story on their way to canterbury and on their way back and the Inn keeper will decide on the winner. Except for the fact that they never got to finsh their stories on the way back becase the Pardoner dies and their is never a clear winner.

Sometimes the author wants you to be able to notice the similarites and differences within a peice of fiction. Sometimes it is hidden but other times, such as in this case they are very obvious.


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