Brutus in Julius Caesar

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus is the most heroic character in the play. In the play Caesar is greatly respected in Rome and the citizens want to make him king. Brutus is a respected citizen of Rome and is a strong supporter of the republic. If Caesar became king he would destroy the Roman Republic, and Brutus thinks he is not fit for a king. Brutus stands out in the play because he is willing to kill Caesar for what he thinks is good for the Roman people.

He puts Rome ahead of his friends, only people with a brave personality could do such a thing. Brutus is the most heroic character because he is honorable, selfless, and brave.

Brutus is an honorable man throughout the whole play because of his actions and doings when specking to Antony and in battle. When the Conspirators meet at Brutus’ house the day before Caesar is killed, Brutus tells them “Let’s be sacrificers but not butchers” (II.

i.166). Brutus tells them this because when Caesar has been killed he doesn’t want to be seen as a person with no heart that killed his best friend for power but instead as an honorable man. He seems to be a reasonable person that knows what he is doing because of how he took control in their meeting and he was the newest member there. When Caesar is dead, Antony requests that if could do a speech in his funeral. Brutus answers him by saying “You shall speak/ in the same pulpit whereto I am going/ after my speech is ended” (III.i.249-251).

Brutus could have said no to Antony because Antony can say bad things about the conspirators but he let Antony do his speech and took the risk. He lets him because Brutus understands that that is the only way Antony can say goodbye to his friend, Caesar. Brutus wasn’t raised to think badly of people so he doesn’t think of what Antony is capable of and he’s compassionate. When Brutus realizes that his good friends have died because of the battle he has caused he realizes he should kill himself. Antony even admits that Brutus was indeed an honorable man because Antony tells Messala to take Brutus’ dead body to his tent. Antony tells Messala “He, only in general honest thought/and common good to all, made one of them/His life was gentle” (V.v.71-73).

Brutus will always be seen as an honorable man through their eyes even when he is dead because he won their respect through is actions and nobility. Brutus not only shows that he is an honorable man, but also a man that is selfless in many ways. The selfless man in Julius Caesar, Brutus, is trusted by many of Rome. These people of Rome trust Brutus because he is a great guy. He only thinks about the people and what is good for them instead of thinking all about himself. Brutus first tries to win over the people and prove to them that he is selfless, by stating that “[he] had rather be a villager / than to repute himself a son of Rome” (I. ii. 172-173). Brutus shows the Romans that he thinks higher of them, than he thinks of himself. Even though Brutus doesn’t see it himself, he is acting of a selfless man in front of all of Rome. Brutus also states to a crowd of Romans, “Not / that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more” (III. ii. 21-22). This was only said to show that he was thinking for the people when he killed Caesar.

Brutus thinks that killing Caesar is a good thing for Rome because he is too ambitious to be a ruler of Rome and its’ people. Near the end of Brutus’ speech, he joyful yells to the plebeians “I have the same dagger for myself, when it shall please my country to need my death” (III. ii. 47-48). Now, Brutus is being courageous as well as being selfless because he is telling the crowd they can kill him if he offended them. He wasn’t afraid of what the crowd thinks about him, but he is hoping that this set of words would make it seem like he is putting them in the decision of his own life. Just as Brutus is selfless, he also is a brave character throughout the play.

Brutus is brave, and will always be remembered that way. He thinks out everything, and no matter what kind of situation he gets through. He thinks a lot before choosing the decision to kill his beloved friend; Caesar. Brutus is totally convinced that he is doing wrong, that Caesar will get to too much power. Everything he ever does is for the good of Rome, the people, and for honor. He risks his life to save the people from Rome. He loved Caesar with everything, but he claimed that he loved Rome even more, he says “Why I, that I did love Caesar when I struck him” (III.i,183).

He says,”The time of life, arming myself with patience/To stay the providence of some high powers/That govern us below” (V.i,104-107),His feelings could have took over, but because of his determination, and bravery it did not. He is not afraid to die, and if needed he will do so. Brutus is also brave because he joins a conspiracy; he stabs Caesar, himself, instead of telling others to do so. He stabs him without any disguise, not being afraid of anyone judging him or maybe being executed. Brutus is even braver when he asks, not for someone to kill Caesar, but kills him himself. Brutus says,“Even for that our love of old, I prithee/Hold thou my sword-hilts whilst I run on it” (V.v,27-28). He is not going to let anyone get the blame for killing him. Brutus was brave from the beginning to the end.

Brutus is willing to end his life for Rome and cares for others. He has the courage that even the bravest men would not do. His qualities make him unique in a way that makes him a good leader. He stands up for the people for what he thinks is good for them. Even after his death Antony and Octavious treat his dead body with respect and honor. If Brutus still gets respect from his enemies after he died. Think of what would he accomplished if he was alive.

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