“Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

We all want to be free, but not all of us are that lucky. Some of us are left behind, because were different physically or mentally. Freedom is something that cannot happen in Brave New World, unless we are given individuality. Those who are left by themselves, and have completely different ideals, thought, and morals are the true ones free. The author Aldous Huxley defines people into groups, being the Alphas, Beta’s, gammas, delta’s and epsilons. This society can be described to be an effort to eliminate all individuality. This means that everyone would lose their rights to express and portray their opinions and reactions to different things. In the book they address this as “the human condition.” This world focuses on diverting everyone away from the feeling of individualism, so they cannot be free and will be restricted forever mentally. But despite the society trying to divert the feeling, people still end up becoming aware of this, and this may lead to many people wanting to rebel against this government. So, it should be expected that individuality will stir in a restricted society.

Bernard, an Alpha male, is led to the feelings of individualism despite his group status. Bernard is an intelligent human. But because of his unique body structure he feels excluded and starts to wonder onto a different path compared to the other alphas. As said from many people out there, “Appearances are often deceiving” (Unknown). This quote represents how different our world is compared to the world state and how people should be acting in the world state. In our world people try not to judge others based off* the appearance of another human being, but in the world state, people are encouraged to judge others if they were to act weird, look weird, or were just different. Due to almost everyone looking the same, people that are somewhat different physically and mentally like Bernard and are left by themselves. As said from a girl facing the same problem as Bernard “I’m the one girl in the group that gets left out of everything just because I’m quiet and don’t have a boyfriend like everyone else.” (Unknown Person on the Whisper App) This quote represents the feelings Bernard was going through when he was feeling left out. This quote shows how people in our world can also act the same as people from the world state sometimes, because no one is perfect. They feel very isolated from the world causing them to question themselves and explore more about their making. After isolation people are left to reflect on themselves making them feel more lonely and depressed. Due to all this time left alone we can clearly see how Bernard started to see himself and understand how much of a different person he is, compared to the rest of the alphas. This helped him evolve his thoughts/ ideas on different things. As said from an American educator Rosalind Wiseman, “social isolation is one of the most devastating things you can do to a human being” (Rosalind Wiseman). This quote shows how Bernard being left alone was one of the worst things you could have done to him. Loneliness caused him to think differently and forced him to do something bad in the books of the world state.

John the Savage is another character that we see in the novel who portrays individualism. John grew up like no other, both an outsider to the world state and the savage reservation. Despite John growing up in the savage reservation he is still treated as an outsider because of his mother who was from the world state. John never becoming a part of either society making him feel isolated from everyone else. As said in the text “John ends up becoming a hybrid of the two cultures, singing new world songs while sculpting old world clay pots” (Huxley 125-126)

This allows him to understand and want to be with Bernard since their thoughts are so much alike. John is also seen to be left alone because of his ideals and traditions. “It amazes me sometimes that even intelligent people will analyze a situation or a judgement after only recognizing the standard or traditional piece.” (David Bowie) This quote explains how people usually judge others if they were to wear any traditional clothing or sing traditional songs.

His traditions being “for a girl to be committed to 1 man and 1 man alone.” this was very strange and unheard of in the world state. People like Lenina laughed when he said this, since Lenina was the opposite of his ideals. John was so committed to this belief that he even gave up the opportunity to be with the person he liked. John is so committed to this belief because of his individualism. Being alone has now made him into someone who only believes in himself and him alone. As spoken from the novelist Franz Kafka “Isolation is a way to know yourself” (Franz Kafka). John isn’t going to trust many people out their because they are so different from him. The people that ignored him have turned him into this person who would use isolation to completely understand what the society is doing to people and how he can change as a person to be different from it. Isolation is the best way for someone to understand what is needed to change and see what is right to be “free.” In the end John continues to go on with his traditions and proves how loyal he was to his morals that he killed himself and gave up on the person he loved.

Lenina Crowne also shows a bit of rebellious behavior towards the world state.” Said by GBatiste, “sometimes the harder you love someone, the more you push them away” (GBatiste) This quote represents how the more Lenina wanted John the more he stayed away from her. Due to this addiction Lenina had for john(COMMA NEEDED) she started to pick up real feelings for him. Lenina is unlike any male protagonist in the novel because she doesn’t have any intent to show her individuality. From a very young age Lenina and her friends were forced to follow the ways of the world state, mostly when it came to love and sexuality. From a very young age, people are forced and encouraged to do “erotic play.” As stated from text “In a little grassy bay between tall clumps of Mediterranean heather, two children, a little boy of about seven and a little girl who might have been a year older, were playing, very gravely and with all the focused attention of scientist’s intent on a labor of discovery. A rudimentary sexual game. “Charming, Charming!” the DHC repeated sentimentally.” (Huxley 26) People are then judged if they do not encourage or enjoy love or sexuality. Those who do not like these things, are then isolated from the other people, a good example of this would be Bernard. He never enjoyed these two things and didn’t even want to have sex with Lenina, but still did(COMMA NEEDED) due to peer pressure. Lenina is very much alike to John the Savage and Bernard. When she moved on from Henry Foster and goes to John instead, she starts to lust over him and him alone, for so long that without her even realizing it she falls in love with him. “The simple true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you closely associate – for the good and the bad.” (John Mason) Lenina had spent a large amount of time with both Bernard and John. Due to all the time she had spent with them, she started to pick up their habits, morals, or ways of thinking because of what John Mason told us. She spent too much time associating with those type of people. People in this society are not meant to fall in love with each another. Instead of love they made sexual drugs. These include sexual chewing gum and soma, two different types of drugs used to help increase the sexual hormones in people and give them more pleasure. Since Lenina changed she is a rebellion of the world state and is put into the same category of Bernard and John the Savage.

In conclusion, people in brave new world aren’t all free. People that are hit with the true feelings of individualism are the only ones who can call themselves free. The embodiment of freedom now come from Bernard Marx, John the Savage, and Lenina Crowne. So it should be expected that individualism will stir in a restricted society because these 3 people were changed.

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