Book Review of the Anne of Green Gables: The Value of Family

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Lucy Maud Montogmery is the author of the famous children’s novel Anne of Green Gables.L.M Montogmery was a Canadian author. The author is best known for this novel. The novel is followed by a series of sequel.This novel made the author famous in her life time, as the novel was an immediate success. A lot of other work of L.M Montogmery is admired.

Anne of Green Gables is a novel that revolves around the story of an orphan girl named Anne Shierly. It tells the series of adventures and troubles that Anne has to go through. The story begins as the middle aged, unmarried siblings Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert who live in their ancestral farm Green Gables, decide to adopt an orphan boy. They want to adopt an orphan boy so that he can help Mathew with work on the farm and they’d also educate him and provide him everything he needs. They ask the orphanage about adoption and everything goes well, but due to some mistake instead of a boy the orphan age send Anne to them.

Anne is a very dramatic and a talkative girl. She is thin, pale and red headed. She is always in a hurry and tends to get in trouble. At first Marilla and Mathew are surprised and aren’t willing to keep her and plan on sending her back. Mathew some how develops a soft corner for the little girl but,Marilla stands firm that she should be sent back to the orphan age.But Mathew conveinces her that they should not send her back and let her stay with them. After a lot of thinking and much consideration Marilla agrees on letting Anne stay. At first Marilla does not like Anne at all, she is rude and aggressive towards her.

Anne is friendly and is very nice towards every one. She loves Mathew and Marilla and takes really good care of them. She also helps Marilla with all the house hold work. They also start sending her to the country school. While living there Anne makes friends with Diana and also another student Gilbert Blythe whom she hates at first as he makes fun of her red hair, but later on they become friends. Anne’s behavior and values lightens Green Gables up. Everyone there loves Anne. Anne is a very bright student as well so when she turns sixteen she goes to Queen’s Academy for getting her teaching license. She performs really well there and on account of that gets a scholarship. Towards the end of the story Mathew Cuthbert dies of a heart after learning that all his and Marilla’s money is lost in a bank failure. Due to this melancholy Marilla’s eye sight start’s falling. Looking at the miserable situation Anne decides to give up the scholarship and stay and Green Gables to help Marilla and look after her.

Anne and Marilla get very close after Mathew’s death. After this Anne and Gilbert also become quite close and look forward to what life is going to bring them. This children’s classic novel gives a beautiful description of what life and its hardships are. It leaves a positive impact it’s readers that how Anne quickly adapted to the life style at Green Gables and won Marilla’s heart. It also tells us that it okay to give up something for some one we love. It also actually tells us the value and importance of family in our life.

The only setback in the story is Mathew’s death at the end of the story. It could have been something else. It is light hearted and full of life novel. It can take it’s readers in an imaginary world where they can actually live the imaginations of Anne Shierly.

The author has very deeply explained all the characters and the setting. I would say that anyone who is looking for something nice to read should read it and also the books in the sequel. It is an amazing series that takes us back to the mid 2oth century. It is a must read novel.


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