Book Report: Z For Zachariah By Robert C.O’ Brien

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

You know that feeling you get when you read a really good book. The feeling of excitement and eagerness washes over you like an ocean wave. The feeling that you want and need to know what is going to happen next. I got that wonderful feeling while reading this book. The name of this amazing book is “Z for Zachariah”, the genius author is Robert C. O’ Brien. I’m going to tell you a little bit about him.

Robert C. O’ Brien was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 11th, 1918. He worked at the magazine Newsweek, but before that he was employed by an advertising agency after his graduation from the university. Also, O’ Brian took the job position as a senior assistant editor at National Geographic in 1920 until his death.

Now, of course you need to know what the book is about, so let me give you a short summery of this book. A nuclear war has occurred and the main character Anne Burden, a sixteen-year old teenage girl, she must survive all alone in her family’s valley, that somehow has survived nuclear explosions, and she may even be the last human on earth. Little does she know that’s not the case. Ok, now that you have an idea about what the book is about let’s talk about the setting.

The setting of this book is a large, lively valley that survived a nuclear war. The story takes place in a place called Burden Hill, this is Anne’s and her family’s valley. This is crucial to the story because it is the only place on earth that does not have radiation poisoning and that is a livable area Anne can survive in. Next, I am going to talk about the two main protagonist, Anne Burden. Anne is a teenage girl that must survive for her life throughout the whole story.

First, she has to survive being alone with no electricity or gas on a farm for over a year. Then when she sees a man with a green suit and wagon entering the valley. She becomes skeptical at first but is excited to see another living soul around. Soon after he meets her he tries to enslave and kill her. Throughout the book Anne is brave, resourceful, caring, smart, and so much more. The following main events that happened in the book are, the nuclear war where everyone dies (except for Anne and Mr. Loomis).

Two, Anne’s family goes into town to see what has happened after the bombing, but the never return home. Three, Anne has to survive all alone for over a year, until a mysterious man in a green suit (Mr. Loomis) comes into the valley. Four, Mr. Loomis gets radiation poisoning and gets very ill, but Anne nurtures him back to health. Now that he is better his true colors shine. The part of the book I found to be most interesting starts at page 154, when Anne finally sees Mr. Loomis for who he really is. Also, when Anne doesn’t just shruge off or put up with the mistreatment he gives her. She does something about it and puts it to an end before anything serious happens. I also lover her compassion in this part as well. Even though he was aggressive and controlling, she still didn’t want him to die or anything. She even continued giving him food and doing all the farm work. We have sadly come to the end of my yapping about this book. I’m pretty sure your tired of hearing talk, but seriously all jokes aside I really enjoyed this book. You know why because of its realism, and sense of determination. Also, I love Anne she is a great role model and person to have survived that by herself, not even the bravest and strongest man can do what she did.

Also, I love this book because it shows the lengths and risks someone is willing to take just so they get what they desire. It shows how someone u think can trust, how they can change overnight. It also shows a hint of loyalty. When Mr. Loomis was being a jerk to Anne she still gave him even shares of the food she planted, grew, and worked hard for.

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