Book Critique On The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

The book The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer is a book about a boy named Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn. It starts with Tom Sawyer skipping school, and being grilled by his aunt about it, but tries to masterfully cover it up by sewing back together his school clothes, but sewing it with black tread instead of white, yet evading trouble never the less. Shortly after this incident, he comes across a well-dressed boy on a weekday, which is practically unheard of to Tom Sawyer. He gets in an argument with this boy, then licks him(beats him up). The next day he is put up to whitewashing a fence and making trinkets off of this by making it sound desirable and not like work. A little later in the day, he comes across a girl and becomes smitten with her. She tosses flowers out the window, and then the girl leaves into her house away from the window. Tom picks up a straw, and while balancing it, slowly moves over and snatches up the flowers. When he gets home, Sid takes sugar from the jar, and breaks the jar, and causes Tom to get beat for it.

A while later, Huckleberry Finn shows Tom a dead cat, and they make plans to bury it in the graveyard as a cure for warts. That night when they go to bury the cat, they see Potter, Injen Joe, and a doctor comes and inspect a grave, then they break out in a fight. The doctor knocks out Potter, and Injen Joe kills the doctor with Potter’s knife, and when Potter wakes up tells him it was him. The two boys run home after that forgetting all about the cat. A court is held, Potter is found guilty and Tom, Huckleberry Fin, and their friend Joe go pirating, and get caught when they attend their funerals. The funerals were heald because they were thought to have drowned. Tom and Huckleberry Fin go hunting for treasure, when Injen Joe and a partner of his go-to burry treasure in a haunted house, and find thousands of dollars on accident. After this experience, a boy spills ink on Tom’s writing book intentionally, and shortly after the girl, Tom is smitten with gets in trouble. Being in love with the girl as he was, Tom took the beating for her. A while after that incident, The girl throws a party in a cave system, and Tom and she get lost. While lost in the caves, Tom sees someone, who turns out to be Injen Joe, who was found out to have killed the doctor. They shortly find a hole in the caves and get out alive after being at death’s door. In response to this situation, the judge sealed the doors shut with boiler iron and three locks. That is when Tom reveals that Injen Joe is locked inside that cave forever.

My response to this book is that it is in a way relatable. I can relate to this book because at points in my life I have wanted to become a pirate and bandit, both after reading books, and I have wanted and have been treasure hunting, metal detecting in a field by my house and at a beach off of one of the great lakes. A little bit of criticism I have for the book is that when Tom saw Injen Joe in the cave, you would think that Injen Joe would look at who is shouting at him because in the stash he was next to, he had a gun he could use. Another way that I support the book is that the boy’s guardians gave them the treasure money over most likely a few years. I like this concept because it would probably happen in real life if a kid found treasure, so that they don’t waste all of the money at once, and have some saved for college so they can become more successful in life as they grow up. That is how I support and disagree with the writing of this book.

I would recommend this book to my friends because it is a good book to read, and has good and exciting moments of suspense. It also is a relatable book, at least in my opinion, and I enjoy reading this book and have read it about three times already. I would rate this book 4. 5/5 stars because it is a good book, but the experience in the cave seems a little unrealistic in my opinion, and it seems like a book that could be non-fiction in my opinion. It doesn’t exactly compare to what other books I am reading now and have read before because I am reading fiction books with magic and other things like that, and as I said earlier, this seems like it could be a non-fiction book in my opinion. The only books that seem sort of like this book are the Maisie Dobbs series, which I enjoyed, and also seemed like they are or could be non-fiction. That is how this book related to other books I am and have read.


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