Bless Me Ultima a coming-of-age movie

May 19, 2020 by Essay Writer

Bless Me Ultima, is a coming-of-age movie that is centered around a young child named Antonio. In this movie, Antonio is torn between three fortunes in his life. His mother wants him to become a preacher while his father wants him to explore life and find himself.

Ultima, an old woman who works with herbs and exchanted powers and other claims she is a witch, comes to visit Antonio and his family on the Ilano. With her, she brings her wizardry, her outlooks, and her different perspectives on life and has chosen to pass these things down to Antonio before she passes away.

It is clear throughout the movie that Ultima and Antonio have special powers. It is uncertain if Antonio’s powers were given to him from Ultima or if he has had the magic ability since he was born. Up to the this point where Ultima has regular visits, Antonio has it in his mind that it is his life calling to become a preacher. He has to follow his mother’s belief ideology which is made up of strict, accustomed rules that must be obeyed at all times.

This belief system is jolted when Antonio not only a bystander but becomes a part of, Ultima’s antidote for Uncle Lucas. Uncle Lucas health is declining, and the Priest’s past attempts to save him fell shirt. So, the family Ultima for as their last resort. This goes to show healers are not the first resort anymore because . Ultima agrees to help him, but wants Antonio come with her.

During the practice. Antonio has these weird feelings most of these feelings are somewhat painful and distasteful. It is like he has taken some of the difficulty of the pain off of Uncle Lucas, helping him fight through his pain. Ultima’s remedy ends up saving Uncle Lucas’ life. As a result of the Priest failing, where Ultima succeeded, this really rattles Antonio’s whole belief structure. At this moment, Antonio begins to doubt his futre of becoming a priest. Ultima moves Antonio one step closer to her belief complex, and it is necessary for Antonio to accept Ultima’s belief entity in order for him to gain her powers. When Antonio becomes part of Uncle Lucas’ recovery.

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