Biography of Poet Geoffrey Chaucer

June 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Chaucer is a diplomat and also a royal gardener. In short, he is the master of the day job. Poet Geoffrey Chaucer was born around 1340 in London, England. In 1357 he became a civil servant for Countess Elizabeth of Ulster and continued his capacity with the British courts throughout his lifetime. The Canterbury Tales became the most famous work. He died on October 25, 1400 in London, England, and was the first to be buried in Poet’s Corner Westminster Abbey.

Geoffrey Chaucer is one of St. Paul’s Cathedral School students. Here he first studied influential writings Virgil and Ovid. As a teenager, he works as a kind of high-class waiter. It started from the career path of adoption of the parents In 1357, Chaucer became a civil servant for Countess Elizabeth of Ulster, paid for a small salary enough to pay for his food and clothing. In 1359, Chaucer went to war in the Hundred Years’ War in France, and in Rethel he was arrested for ransom. Thanks to Chaucer’s royal connection, King Edward III helped pay his ransom. Chaucer was released after being given a ransom and after that he joined the Royal Service, and he traveled throughout France, Spain and Italy in diplomatic missions throughout the early to mid-1360s. In 1368, King Edward III made Chaucer as one of his esquires when the queen died in 1369, this is very functional to strengthen the position of Philippa which later became the property of Chaucer also. In 1370 to 1373, Chaucer went abroad again to conduct diplomatic missions in Florence and Genoa to help build the British port in Genoa. There he spent time getting to know the works of Italian poets, Dante and Petrarch. When his duties finished he returned and he was rewarded for his diplomatic activities with a trust to become the Customs Controller. in 1377 and 1388, Chaucer was involved in more diplomatic missions so Chaucer did not have much time to write poetry. And In 1385 he applied for a temporary leave. For the next four years he lived in Kent but worked as peace justice and later became a Member of Parliament, rather than focusing on his writing. When Philippa died in 1387, Chaucer was having difficulties in finances. He must continue to work in the public service to earn a living and pay off the accumulated debt that continues to grow. And after that, Chaucer worked as a diplomat, representing Britain in France and Italy.

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