Beowulf Literature Reviews Examples

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

One of the values in Beowulf is heroism. From the poem Beowulf, it is evident that a person who is involved in a battle for the sake of victory is considered a hero. A hero is considered noble especially if they offer themselves in battle to the extent of dying during such a battle. This is illustrated by the writing of Wrenn when he states that a Germanic hero is considered a tragic hero especially when they die during a battle (Gummere).
Another value that is evident from the poem is that of kindness. This is illustrated when Beowulf helps the Danish King to defeat the monster named Grendel. Beowulf is kind to the king because he offers himself to help fight the monster in order to bring peace to the kingdom. This is so, although Beowulf has no relations with neither the king nor his kingdom.
Another evident value is bravery. From the poem Beowulf, the value of bravery is seen when badly wounded in an attempt to slay the dragon. When a fugitive awakens a dragon that was asleep, there is unrest in the land because the dragon starts to stalk the land. As a result, it is important to slay and kill the dragon in order for peace to return o the land (Gummere). Beowulf is among those that go to slay the dragon. In the process of slaying the dragon, Beowulf sustains an injury which causes his death. Beowulf comes out as a brave person because he fights the dragon fearlessly to the point of sustaining a wound that causes his death. This is so because he fights to his death even before he gets an heir to take after him.

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