Believe What You Know And Not What You Hear

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Looks are deceiving nothing you see today as clear as water. In the book labeled “The Great

Gatsby, it is very apparent that people hide the truth from the outside world. Keep an eye out for everything because the more you think the truth is real and you stop questioning the answers that is when you get fooled. Although lying in some occasions may come to great service it can also come to great disasters.

Jay Gats, the character whom no one knows very well. It’s not that he’s secretive but it’s that the stories he tells people about himself are not very believable which is why most don’t even know what he looks like. His stories about being a war hero and being born from a rich family, and the more he tells the more it is less likely for anyone to believe hm. In all means he isn’t a scum like the east egg he was just trying to get the love of his life even if it seemed like he wanted all the money and the glory, he did it for her and even that didn’t turn out well, as for his money people were questioning where the money came from and well he was involved in contraband over the counter booze all that for daisy and daisy still chose the wrong person. He was also so convinced that being rich was having luxury up to the neck and more, but never in the heart of the person as his house was empty and lonely as he was.

Jordan Baker, she’s a professional golfer although you might think she’s an honest athlete, she cheats in her golf games. She is the young beautiful single girl in New York. as an audience we have to like our favorite sports players even when they do such controversial things and the media covers all of their flaws as we can see in in this book she has won her way up to the grid by cheating. Honesty is a very important quality to have, but unfortunately none of the characters in this book have it.

Tom Buchanan is the most dishonest retched despicable person in this book, while his wife is having his kid he is off somewhere else doing god knows what, now that tells you that he is not the kind of person you want to fall in love in, poor daisy but that what she gets for being a gold digger and materialistic. She knows Tom has been having an affair ever since they got married, everything was a lie except the love he felt for her. He couldn’t leave her when myrtle asked him to it must blow the minds of the readers when they find out that he actually loves her and cannot leave her.

The Great Gatsby is a book to never forget all the lies and the stereotypes that have been set and shown in flesh.

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