“Band of Brothers” by Stephen Ambrose Essay

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Different authors use various methods to pass on information to the reader. Some use fictions to convince the reader, while others prefer actual and real examples in their writing. The success of an author depends on how well he attracts the reader to the point that the reader is motivated to read the next available book that the author publishes. This paper aims to review the work of Stephen Ambrose on “E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest”.


This is an interesting book that talks about a group of young men who volunteered themselves to fight for what they believed were their rights. Young US men, who were in their early twenties came together to form a strong military group that could see them advocate for their rights (Ambrose 11). Many members of this group moved up in the army in ranks such as army sergeants, and others became Lieutenants and a few qualified to be Major Generals (13). The lives of these young men after service in the army have been given, where the author aims to educate the reader on the consequences of our actions.

The author of this book is a well-seasoned author because he can attract many readers to read his book by organizing the book into chapters that follow each other. Each chapter connects well with its preceding chapter. The book chapters are not too long to cause the reader boredom. Each chapter has been divided into subheadings that explain that particular chapter more vividly. Clearly, the organization of the book is a success.

A concerted effort has been made by the author to contrast the characters in this book. Initially, Ambrose gives many praises to the young men who volunteered themselves for the army. However, he progressively contrasts these men in terms of their abilities and character (Ambrose, 18). This is a commendable skill of writing as it gives the reader the chance to compare the character and abilities of each character to the other in relation to the decisions that they make while in the army. The reader is also given the chance to learn how the army operates; the training that army officers goes through, the environment in which the exercises are conducted, as well as the reactions of various officers to training and the war itself.

The reader is obviously fascinated by reading this book as the author explains in details the various sections that the army passed through. For example, the various stages of trainings that the army went through are described in a manner that the reader feels like being part of the training (24). The environment in which the training was conducted, the type and amount of training that the army was subjected to and the reactions of each army officer to the training is given vividly. This approach is especially useful in the event that some actors decide to act the book in a theater or a movie.


This book has been organized well to a point where the reader does not get bored reading it. The history of the army officers has been given, and this introduces the reader to the type of characters that the author describes. The environment as well as the type of training that army officers went through is explained well. In case some actors wish to act the book, then they are at an advantage as the whole scenario of training, and war is given vividly.

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