Assignment On The Tempest

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

The most interesting part is how they come up with the idea. It is when they are deciding on whether the prince is dead, and Anthonio somehow sees a silver lining, “O, out of that no hope, what great hope have you? No hope that way, is another way so high a hope, that even ambition cannot pierce a wink beyond but doubt discovery there. ” This is a fantastic sentence because when one is in an emotional state, sometimes it causes them to look for a positive, in any way they can.

Anthonio does this and causes Sebastian to also. Both characters seem to be that of a noble and honest type throughout the beginning of the book, and then at the chance of further power and wealth, they are lowered to an evil and greed ridden stature. This is an example of how wealth overrides ones conscience out of convenience.

When Sebastian asks Anthonio of how he deals with his conscience he replies with a marvelous speech on how his conscience did not prevent him from gaining Milan, and how death is only sad when there is no one to benefit from it.

“Twenty consciences that stand `twixt me, and Milan, candied be they, and melt ere they molest” The speech explains the wish for power is too great to be prevented by

moral ground (my opinion of the speech). Then, after they have decided to commit the deed and after they have both pronounced their dream of power, and Anthonio declares that his subjects will “take suggestion, as a cat laps milk, They’ll tell the clock, to any business that We say befits the hour”.

They are stopped in their tracks, by an invisible force. The presence of Ariel seems to be a significant symbol of the abundance of good, and the higher power, which stopped great evil taking place. Also interesting in this scene is when Alonso wakes and asks why the swords are drawn. When given an explanation he asks his councilor Gonzalo what he heard and when he is told that Gonzalo heard no loud roar, he is not in any way suspicious. This shows the trust he has of his brother and friend, and how loyalty is broken so easily when the profit is immense.

Act 2 Scene 2 (the drunk): My final favorite scene is the drunken talk of Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban. Stephano and Trinculo are friends and they comfort each other with their drunken babble. They are stranded on an island and they have lost much hope, but they find each other, and liquor, which drowns their sorrows in this light hearted and humorous scene. The scene begins with a huge speech from Caliban, stating the curse he is putting on Prospero. “All the infections that the sun sucks up from bogs, fens, flats, on prospers head fall,” Caliban is Prospero’s deformed slave.

When Trinculo enters the scene he first mistakes Caliban for a fish and then as a native, but because of the storm he decides to take refuge under Caliban’s cloak. Then enters Stephano holding a bottle and drinking, he is also singing in a drunken state.

He sees Caliban and is astounded that he can speak; he gives a drink to Caliban and talks to him. Caliban thinks Stephano is the work of Prospero’s magic “Thou dost me but little hurt; thou wilt anon, I know it by thy trembling: now Prosper works upon thee” he is at first afraid, then drinks and is happier. Trinculo soon re-enters the scene and is at first amazed and scared by seeing the four-legged slave talking to another man. He then realizes that it is his good friend Stephano although when Stephano first hears the voice of Trinculo he is also scared and they have a very humorous drunken meeting.

Stephano and Trinculo are very happy to see each other, as they both thought the other was dead. Caliban is also very happy about the meeting as he is given wine, and he is finally given company. “These be fine things, and if they be not spirits: that’s a brave God, and bears celestial liquor: I will kneel to him. ” This scene shows how happy each of them is to see each other and they form an alliance with each other as they continue to get drunk and better aquatinted with each other. Caliban becomes the slave of Stephano and they decide to inherit the island!

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