Artist’s Statement Dream of The Rood Dream

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

Dream of the rood is an old English poem who’s poet is unknown but it has been heralded by scholars as the expression of the religious theme in old English poetry. It is unique in its viewpoint as it shows how a person gets a dream about a cross coming to life and telling the story of crucifixion. This is the reason my poster for this was also unique. I used bright colors to represent a tragedy because it was a sacrifice by Jesus for us humans which washed all our sins which makes us sad and happy at the same time. Genre of my poster was tragedy with a message of hope and Christianity in the end which is represented by a flower growing from Jesus’s blood. I had the same title because I couldn’t find any other title that could have depicted my poster more clearly. This title showed what the actual text contain how in the dream the story of crucifixion leads to a greater message about Jesus and Christianity.

My tagline for the poster is “I was reared a rood but I raised s mighty king” which shows even though he was born for punishment and tragedy with jesus on him it led to hope and righteousness. It works really well with my poster because it shows how the cross was used for punishment and later people starting praying the cross and Is now covered with gems and stones. Moreover it depicts all characters in my poster. Cross being the main speaker in the dream is one of my actors and chirst on cross is my other actor cause all the poem revolves around it. and how the Crucifixion is pictured as a battle and both Christ and the Cross as warriors. My poster emphasizes on how even if you are reared for cruel purposes with the lord’s grace you can turn into something that whole world will look as something divine. It also emphasizes how the old English writings were really religious and I tried to put that element into my poster. The main message they can get from my poster they can get is that how past can be changed with lord’s grace and how simple wooden cross who is once used for cruel punishments is changed into something virtues which shows that by following Jesus’s path we can change our bad pasts and live a virtues life with Christ as a god.


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