Arguing, Interpretation and Evaluation Essay

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The story was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and reveals the unpleasant experiences the narrator undergoes after getting confined in her room by her physician. The story reveals the narrator’s experiences as she reveals how she was confined in her room by her physician and husband after giving birth ostensibly to allow her to recuperate. This paper will interpret the story to find out its real meaning and messages the author conveys to readers.

The author of the story portrays women as capable human beings who have feelings, ambitions and personal wishes. The woman in the story represents the real life story of the author, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who was confined in her room by her husband and physician for a long period of time.

The story reveals the ugly situation the narrator faces, as she does not get positive experiences outside her house to give her peace of mind. Her husband, brother and physician all think that she needs to stay indoors without working, a suggestion she does not like. She narrates how this makes her feel unwanted and mistreated. She feels she has been entrapped in a cage that does not give her freedom to explore her professional skills and talents. She intends to go out and work, yet her physician and husband are not supportive.

The narrator condemns her confinement in her own house and how this makes her more depressed. Her situation is a symbol of what women are made to endure by male dominated systems which weaken their resolve and spirit. Therefore, she dislikes the fact that she cannot do anything professional outside her home which makes her more miserable.

The narrator communicates the message that women are discouraged from fulfilling their dreams by men to make them less ambitious. The narrator explicitly shows how doctors lack professionalism empathy in the way they treat female patients. Their insensitivity makes women feel inadequate and hopeless, a factor that makes them have low self esteem. Her physician does not give her an opportunity to enjoy a different environment, which makes it difficult for her to recover.

The story focuses mostly on the ugly aspects of the confinement the narrator was forced to undergo. She is a harsh critic of predominant chauvinistic male attitudes that exist in society. However, the story manages to show feministic ideals in a different ways.

The narrator in the story argues about her alienation from the real world by being confined in her room which denies her a chance to engage in activities she loves. The author uses first person narration to make the mood more serious, which allows her to speak directly to the reader. This stylistic form makes her story more compelling to the reader. The story fails to describe the traits of other characters that would have made the story more interesting.

The narrator in the story seems not to be proud of her mother hood responsibilities because she is grumbling about not being given a chance to go outdoors. The story is a compelling narration of how women suffer emotionally and psychologically after they are denied a chance to pursue their goals by patriarchal systems.

In conclusion, the story is a real portrayal of how women were mistreated in the past. The story is a good account of how gender prejudices are used to discourage women from achieving their dreams and ambitions.

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