Appeals Compare and Contrast Essay

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

In William Shakespeare’s Rendition of Julius Caesar death, the character Brutus must persuade the audience into believing his murder of Caesar was justified. To be sure that he is imprinted as a “heroine” for saving the roman empire he makes Mark Anthony go, knowing that the audience will believe him for he was Caesars best friend.

Brutus makes sure that he implies him as a good guy by giving him restrictions on what he could and could not say, but ultimately Brutus fails with his plan for he did not listen to Anthony’s speech which was one of his most grave mistakes, and Anthony wins over the audience while Brutus is forced to flee from the roman empire.

In Brutus’s speech he enlightened the audience through his use of logos by demonstrating the true sense of capability they would have faced if Caesar would have continued as a tyrannical ruler as he says “would u had Caesar were living, and die slaves”.

Brutus stressed the oppressing future and eventual demise of the roman empire as long as Caesar had remained in power, hence his reasoning behind his actions. As Brutus using pathos to persuade the audience as he says “who here is so vile that will not love his country” Brutus expresses his feelings for the empire and how he cares trying to make the audience feel the dreadful for thinking that his killing of Caesar was a betrayal to the empire.

The Biggest flaw was that his speech was too short he never really explained the crimes or tyranny that Caesar had committed and that would eventually be his downfall. As mark Anthony approaches the audience he had to find a way to oblige to Brutus’s rules of not saying anything negative of him. He announces to the audience using logos by expressing his sadness for Caesars death, as he speaks he quotes the conspirators as “honorable men” as he repeated the quote over and over the audience began to rally up and shout, the more he said it the more the audience realized how Brutus lied to them.

Anthony had shown the audience of the Brutus’s betrayal without saying he wasn’t a honorable man. As Anthony says “He [Caesar] hath brought many captives home to Rome whose ransoms did the general coffers fill” showing that Caesar had cared for the city trying to bring wealth to the empire, but then Anthony says “but Caesar is ambitious” making the audience praise more for Caesar for he had brought wealth to the empire. Anthony shows the audience of Brutus’s act of violence which ultimately gave Anthony the audience and the upper hand.

Anthony showed Brutus as a “hero” as brutus wanted, but brutus did not expect Brutus fails of his plans to make the audience belive caesars death was justified, Anthony shows the audience in anthonys words, that he was telling the truth from his sadness and tone, while Brutus was failed as he only said a few words and left Anthony all by himself. Ultimately making the audience team up with Anthony, as Brutus flees the empire.

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