Antigone As A Protagonist

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

The time when Creon start the execution ceremony, Antigone started singing about herself how she was going to die, and she did not see the ritual of marriage and no one sings for her wedding, and she would marry Akron, She seems sad about her life which will end as she a young woman and without marriage, when she says “ without anyone’s weeping, without friend without a marriage-song ” ( 935-936).

The final speech of Antigone shows some signs of weakness. How she was alone , No one dared to help her, let her fight and stand against the king alone. She also seems to feel a little remorse, waiting for gods to help her as in her speech “what Justice of the gods have I transgressed? And why should I, in my misfortune, keep looking to the gods for help?” (987-991), at the same time she knows that she does the right thing by listing and obeying the god’s law. Antigone believe Creon’s law is unjust and immoral, and God’s law is the first thing, it’s more important than family.

Antigone is important person, if she die they will be a lot of problems, as a blind man Teiresias said in his long speech (1060-1098), in short, if Antigone dies this way, the city will be destroyed. There are also other consequences of Antigone death which Creon didn’t think of it. When Haemon try to defend Antigone, his father wrath of it and called him a slave to women (line 816), Haemon said to his father “No, don’t even think she’ll die beside me! And you will never see my face again …” (823-826). After a lot of arguments about Antigone about the punishment of Antigone, the king receive a news by means of messenger that Haemon kills himself, it was a shock to Creon and this is because he did not take Haemon’s words into account. Antigone killed herself with her hand and in this way, it’s seems that she still defies Creon even in her death, this indicate how she is strong, confidence about her decision, and courage. They found Antigone hanging herself inside the tomb. Haemon stabs himself after failing to kill his father. Then Eurydick – Haemon’s mother – killed herself when she knows that Haemon die, and she made Creon incur the responsibility of Haemon death, her death and all bad things that will happen.

Antigone example of strong woman, she defies the king alone, no one can do what she did. Also she endured all hardships and strong-willed.

If Antigone is not in play, there would be no theme for the play. Even if we thought that if not Creon’s law existed will be no theme for play, which is wrong, it’s opposite, because Antigone who is against this law, and if not she, there will be no one to stand against the king. It was Antigone who made the plot and also start excitement the drama. The death of Haemon and his mother is also based on Antigone. All that things prove that Antigone is the true protagonist and Creon is the tragic hero.


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