Anne of Green Gables. Character Review

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

Anne of Green Gables is classic novel that was written by the author Lucy Maud Montgomery. It has been read by people of all ages for decades. The book is about a young orphan girl named Anne Shirley who is adopted by siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. Some features in the book are Anne’s amazing personality, adjusting to her new life in Green Gables, and her relationship with the Cuthbert’s.

Anne Shirley is the main character of the book Anne of Green Gables. She is pale, skinny and has the most vivid red hair. Anne is very spirited and animated majority of the time. She can also be stubborn to do something she does not prefer or to prove a point. Her vocabulary is overflowing and she loves to speak of her incredible imaginations. Although Anne is constantly daydreaming, she can be serious when it is necessary. Anne is very friendly and is liked by everyone, but if she is insulted she bursts into a dreadful temper which she tries to control.

Matthew Cuthbert was a very shy and kindhearted man. Marilla was a sharp and was not fond of humor. Matthew and Marilla had decided to adopt a young boy to help them with their everyday chores on their farm, but due to complications they receive a young girl, Anne. Matthew convinced Marilla that they were going to keep Anne because of her unique point of view. Marilla said that id Anne were to stay in Green Gables, there were many changes to be made. Anne was not brought up the way Marilla had wanted so she would have to reconstruct some character traits in Anne. Anne was to do everything any other child in Green Gables would do, she would have to use proper manners, go to school, and complete chores. She made many friends and was tied with another as the most intelligent pupil.

When Marilla first met Anne, she struggled to accept the fact that she felt a bit of compassion for her. She would feel a motherly sensation with Anne but never displayed it. Matthew liked Anne from the moment she spoke. He adored her because she would speak and did not expect an answer. After caring for Anne for so long, Matthew and Marilla appreciated Anne and did not know what they would do without her. Unfortunately as the Cuthbert’s grew older Matthew died of a shock induced heart attack. He learned that their bank had failed which left Anne and Marilla devastated. But as time passed the devastation left. Anne became a teacher and taught in Green Gables to take care of Marilla.

In conclusion, some of the characteristics of Anne of Green Gables are Anne’s wonderful personality, adapting to her new life and her relationship with the Cuthbert’s. Overall I consider Anne of Green Gables to be a magnificent novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because it was captivating and I felt as if I were a part of the story. It provided well-defined detail and emotion. I also intend on reading the books that follow.


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