Andy Warhol’s Career Essay

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Andy Warhol was born on August 6th 1928 in a small town known as Pennsylvania, USA (, 2011). His adolescent life was dogged by health problems since Andy experienced a medical condition of nervous breakdown several times but which he later overcome and graduated from Scheneley high school and then later advanced to acquire college education in Carnegie Institute of Technology (, 2011). From here he successfully completed his studies in arts and graduated in the year 1949 (, 2011).

After college, Andy and Pearlstein, his long time college pal moved to city of New York; it was during his stay in New York where he met Mr. Tina Fredricks (Biographiq, 2008). Fredricks, worked as an art editor of glamour magazine and he introduced Andy to this career where he started to work in the firm and did several drawings of advertisements raging from; “magazines, including vogue, harper’s Bazzar, book jackets and holiday greeting cards” (, 2011). After this, Warhol did many other works of arts like painting, designing and exhibitions of pop art among others (, 2011).

Later in his career, Andy did film directing around the year 1963 during when he did other several outstanding film exhibitions; however, after what was “a near fatal shooting” by a supporter, Andy withdrew from filmmaking and became a “pop culture figure” where he grow to be an instructor to new artist students (Biographiq, 2008). But even after this it appears that Andy’s life was not about to be completely stress free since in 1987, Andy Warhol suffered a complication of the gallbladder and died during an operation in a hospital (, 2011).

Main career

Andy Warhol’s career was majorly based in the film making industry, where he commenced his great vocation by doing exhibition works in the early 1950s. Andy was very passionate about every thing he did and after several exhibitions Andy became motivated to do a solo exhibition, which, he did in the year 1962.

As an ambitious artist, Warhol did several works of art apart from film making especially the renowned “painting of a dollar bills and Campbell soup cans” which earned him great reputation and contributed to his major presentation of the pop art (, 2011).

In the year 1963, under the help of Gerard Malanga, an instructor and a mentor, Warhol initiated his own studio where he expounded the art of film making (Bockris, 2004). It was during this time that Warhol actually ventured into the film making industry where he excelled in film making and eventually became an experience director.

After mastering the art, Warhol become more aggressive and vibrant in the industry and in the year 1964, he did another solo exhibition and later moved to Los Angeles where he started a much bigger studio (Bockris, 2004).

This major studio which he named “the factory” was where Andy based most of his film works (, 2011). It was here where Warhol did more popular exhibition that really build his reputation in other continents like Europe where he held his other exhibitions in Paris among other great European cities.

Additionally, due to his popular and excellent work of art, Warhol scooped several awards including that of “film culture magazine” (, 2011). However, Warhol retired from the art after an attempted murder by a female fan.

Technique for excellent photographs

It is no doubt that, Andy Warhol photographs were stylish and most admirable making him to be nominated for several awards which he was selected in more than one occasion. In addition, Warhol acquired a great reputation out of his sophisticated art in film making because of his passion in the career. In fact, he became an instructor, a role model, and patron to many upcoming artists due to his high standards of competence in the art of filmmaking (Bockris, 2004).

.Andy Warhol had an outstanding formula of acquiring amazing photographs to capture the most fascinating moments during his career. As, an artist, Warhol had developed his excellence in the film making and as a result was able to do great master pieces of photographs that depicted various styles.

First, the techniques which he used in his works were exceptional as he would take his photographs by positioning the camera towards a specific object of interest and “leaving it to run for hours” so that he could capture great moments (Bockris, 2004).

Second, Warhol had developed a great teamwork which he consistently involved when making the films; mostly, he engaged his assistances whom he had also developed a good personal association therefore making it easier to work as a team in each step to produce a great work of art (Bockris, 2004). Thirdly, Warhol had a special “model of Polaroid camera” which, he used strictly for production purposes was used by him alone for sustainable and excellent work (, 2011).

Lastly, Warhol had dedicated his career to taking many photographs as possible and he had mastered the art of making snapshot in a unique way to produce excellent outcome (Bockris, 2004). These were Andy’s techniques and style of producing excellent photographs.

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