Andy Warhol and Paul Young: Contributions, Works and Ideas Report

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Andy Warhol

There are many talented people, who have already died, still, memories about their contributions, works, and ideas make them alive always. One of such people was Andrew Warhola, also known as Andy Warhol. His avant-garde style and attitude to his paintings made him popular around the whole world.

If I had a chance to meet this person and ask one question, I would like to know about the system according to which he chose people for his clique. The question would sound as follows: “Warhol superstars were one of the most popular cliques in the New York City. Why were you so confident in people chosen specially in Paul America or Eric Emerson?”.

The biography of the artist was rich indeed: being a fourth child in the family of immigrants, the boy lost his father very soon and suffered because of numerous diseases as a result of which a kind of phobia to hospitals and doctors was developed.

He lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then he moved to New York where he died at the age of 58 because of serious health problems (Mattern 6). He got his education at one of the schools as well as at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburg and had the special degree in commercial art. To earn for living, he worked in the sphere of illustrating and advertising.

He also tried himself at filmmaking and printmaking, and painting. And all spheres turned out to be rather successful to him. One of his best projects was the development of the clique Warhol Superstars and the studio The Factory where he promoted various actors and musicians.

The main idea of his work was to provide different people with the bright chance as possible because some of them really deserved this chance. The vast majority of his works are interesting to me as they helped to understand that hope and personal beliefs could change the whole world just as Andy Warhol did it.

Paul Young

Paul Young is a successful independent journalist, critic, art writer, and curator (Gallery). His achievements into the world of art remain to be rather influential, and his activities are always under attention of many people. One of his latest interests is 3D technologies and their availability to ordinary people. His projects are always unique and captivating.

One of the questions I would be eager to pose to this person is connected to the ways of how he chooses the themes for his performance. The question is: “When did you understand that 3D technologies could be in demand and were you confident about your success?”. The life of this person does not differ a lot from the lives of many other people.

He was born and continues living in Los Angeles. He got his education in one of the local schools and his final achievement in education was the master degree in film directing. His experience and knowledge provide him with a wonderful chance to earn for living after his graduation.

Though he did not have a day job, his articles appeared in the magazines and journals like The Los Angeles Times, Elle, and New York Times. In several years, he got the weekly column in The Los Angeles Times where he had to highlight the latest news in the sphere of modern art.

One of his projects which are now available to people is SymmetryGates that is performed with the help of 3D technologies. The main theme of this project is not only to introduce how progressive art technologies could be but also to show how changing the world actually is.

Young is the curator who wants to address a variety of ideas in his projects, this is why it is wrong to try to identify the main aspect; still, it is better to enjoy the beauty of the offered performance. It is hard to be not-interested in the works of this person. My interest is based on the possibility to learn the world by means of a variety of details offered in the performance as well as 3D technologies which captivate a lot.

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