Ancient Greek Democracy that Still Makes People Strive for Perfection Essay

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

Ancient Greece is often referred to as a cradle of the Western World. This is not just a smart metaphor, but a certain fact that can hardly be refuted.

Thus, Greek dreams of a perfect society where everyone (or at least the majority) is happy resulted in the creation of the first democracy in the world. This invention of humanity has had a great impact on the development of the human society.

First, Greek cities were governed as any other kingdom in the ancient world. However, a number of uprisings made Ancient Greeks work out a unique political system. Thus, in the 6th century B.C. Greeks created the first democratic society.

It is possible to understand the major principles of Ancient Greek democracy when considering the meaning of the very word democratic. Thus, the word consists of two composites: demos and kratos. The first composite is translated as “the people” and kratos is translated as “power”, which gives us the following meaning: “the power of the people” (qtd. in Ober 3).

Therefore, there was no single ruler in the country and there was no risk of tyranny. Basically, people discussed the problems and worked out specific solutions to the problems. Admittedly, it can be a bit naïve to think that the majority always benefitted as there were always elite groups that pursued their specific objectives.

Nonetheless, needs of many people were taken into account and many people could enjoy basic rights. It is possible to state that the creation of such a democratic society was revolutionary. Of course, it had an enormous impact on the development of humanity.

Notably, many societies are based on the principles of Greek democracy. Many European countries followed the example of Ancient Greece to create new better societies. Thus, French Republic was based on major principles developed by ancient Greeks.

The USA can be regarded as one of the brightest examples of democratic societies. Undoubtedly, Americans used experience of French people and used the principles outlined in Ancient Greece. Apart from such significant political implications, democratic principles of Ancient Greece have become certain part of people’s consciousness.

As far as I am concerned, I am also affected by the democratic principles. I think Ancient Greeks managed to outline major principles of a perfect and just society. More so, I think I have specific views on society due to the influence of Ancient Greece.

I have heard of justice and equality from my childhood. Of course, these views date back to the ancient world. Now I think that people should take a stand whenever they may need. I think that people can find solutions if they start a proper discussion when they listen to each other.

I also think that these principles have affected my life. For instance, I believe discussion is the most important thing in any human interaction. Thus, I always discuss issues and I never jump to conclusions. I try to consider all possible factors and take into account all opinions.

Of course, some time ago I thought I developed such principles as I was so smart and just. However, I think I did not work out these ideas. I only adopted them.

These ideas are in the air and people cannot but adopt them (or try to oppose to them). Most importantly, no one remains distant as these ideas are integrated in our universe.

Works Cited

Ober, Josiah. “The Original Meaning of “Democracy”: Capacity to Do Things, not Majority Rule.” Constellations 15.1 (2008): 3-9. Print.

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