Analysis On Hepzibah From The House Of Seven Gables By Nathaniel Hawthorne

April 28, 2022 by Essay Writer

After reading the House of Seven Gables we understand that Hepzibah is a very driven being throughout the book. Even when other characters try and cross her the wrong way she remains strong and passionate. When Judge Pyncheon tries to offer his financial assistance to Hepzibah she declines and later opens a shop to avoid financial needs.

Hepzibah Pyncheon portrays a 60 year old woman that presses for the best, keeps her word best especially with her brother Clifford and is very appreciative of Phoebe. Hepzibah may have been introduced as what sound like a mean person but she truly has a heart full of Gold. She has a characteristic of her dark scowl but she doesn’t mean it. She makes these gestures with her face that won’t come off to a reader quite well but through this she’s soft hearted as she cares for her brother Clifford. Hepzibah has isolated herself from the world for a long period of time prior to this and she becomes depressed. Hepzibah also puts this perception of a lady in her head and it keeps her from earning a living. Hepzibah, though she had her valuable and redeeming traits, had grown to be a kind of lunatic by imprisoning herself so long in one place, with no other company than a single series of ideas, and but one affection, and one bitter sense of wrong.

This paragraph from the text illustrates how shut out she was from the world. Hepzibah may have gone through this phase but she continues to press forwards and do what needs to be done to make ends meet for her and her brother most importantly. We understand that there is a contrast here between democracy and aristocracy. Hepzibah Pyncheon was a very privileged woman. While other characters like Holgrave have to work and earn everything, Hepzibah eventually realized to make ends meet she must open up a shop. Many people around her are eager to see her fail. She conveys friendly vibes to the children and customers coming in and out the shop. After opening the shop many people even workers question Hepzibah’s fall from dignity but this never stops her.

We eventually find out that Clifford, Hepzibah’s brother is in jail. Clifford is Hepzibah’s brother who has missed out on so much. He’s very childlike and constantly dreams of childlike games and loves taking bubble baths. He’s been absent for 30 years now and when he comes home all her time is spent with Clifford. Hepzibah will do anything for her brother Clifford, especially after her and Judge Pyncheon had fallen out a first time. Clifford acts in such a way when he first comes home but soon grows to trust Hepzibah. Before he could trust his sister Hepzibah, he had a well connection with Phoebe and just enjoyed being around her youthfulness. He adores how young Phoebe is but can’t stand to deal with his scowling sister but eventually grows to love her. She was a grief to Clifford, and she knew it. In this extremity, the antiquated virgin turned to Phoebe. No groveling jealousy was in her heart. Had it pleased Heaven to crown the heroic fidelity of her life by making her personally the medium of Clifford’s happiness, it would have rewarded her for all the past, by a joy with no bright tints, indeed, but deep and true, and worth a thousand gayer ecstasies. This could not be. She therefore turned to Phoebe, and resigned the task into the young girl’s hands. The latter took it up cheerfully, as she did everything, but with no sense of a mission to perform, and succeeding all the better for that same simplicity. Clifford at this point isn’t able to deal with poor Hepzibah at all so youthful Phoebe takes him into care.

In conclusion, Hepzibah Pyncheon took on a very responsible role to keep the House of the Seven Gables looking good. Even though she may have come off as a scowling old woman her hart was pure and full of Gold for those around her and those who entered the shop. I believe by the end of the book her perspective had completely changed.


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